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SFH 7600WH Ceramic Heater

  • PTC Heating Elements for Effective and Safe Heating
  • 3 Heating Level Settings – 900 W / 1 300 W / 2 000 W
  • Applicable Area 10 - 15 m2
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Effective PTC cells

I take full advantage of PTC technology. The heat is produced by ceramic cells, which provide me with high efficiency and lower electricity consumption at the same output compared to classic heaters. In addition, I can heat up to the required temperatures much faster. The lower the room temperature, the more efficient I am. I don't dry the air or burn oxygen, so you'll be fine breathing with me.

What I can do

I will also serve as a fan. I am small, yet I can serve a space of up to 15 m2. I am equipped with a safety fuse against overheating. And thanks to another fuse, I'll shut down even if you overturn me.

Functions and Features

2 Manual Knobs for Function Selection and Temperature Setting
Double Overheat Protection
Automatic Shut-Off Function in Case the Unit Overturns
Integrated Handle
Maximum power input    2 000 W
Max Noise ≤ 60 dB

Weight and Dimensions

•    Product size: 16.4 × 12.3 × 23.1 cm
•    Weight: 1.35 kg
Hot Air Fans

Technical description

Colour White
Maximum power input 2 000 W
Setup levels 3
Overheating protection
Cool air
Height 23,1 cm
Width 16,4 cm
Depth 12,3 cm


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