SVC 9000BK Micro fiber bags (5 bags)

  • For vacuum cleaner SVC 9000BK
  • Contain 5 bags
  • Volume 4 litres
Polymer microfibre bags for single use in vacuum cleaner SVC 9000BK.
Volume 4 litres
Bag closing for hygienic and dust-free handling. 
Contain: 5 bags 
Advantages compare to a classic paper bag:
- 2 × more effective filtration, while maintaining excellent air permeability.
- High strength and resistance against tearing thanks to a compact fibre structure 
- Better adaptation to the vacuum cleaner chamber and improved airflow
- Entire bag volume usability, while maintaining high vacuuming performance
- Up to 50% longer lifetime
- The same level of filtration efficiency as EPA filter
Resistance against moisture – hydrophobic treatment of the material eliminates the problem of residual moisture (vacuum cleaners may commonly accumulate moisture,
e.g. in the vacuum cleaner container, tubes, hose, etc.). The bag is not destroyed even when it comes into accidental contact with water.
Anti-bacteria treatment – the special textile is biologically neutral and immune against microbiotic attack. Stop to growth of bacteria, moulds and various microorganisms, which may often lead to unpleasant allergies.
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