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Food Dehydrators

Dehydrating is one of the oldest ways of preserving fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and meat. By removing enough water, you can reliably prevent microorganisms from growing and your food from perishing without adding any artificial preservatives.



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Horizontal Air Flow technology
SFD 7000BK
Food dehydrator
High-capacity food dehydrator with a total dehydration surface area of 1.11 m2 (60% greater than on a standard food dehydrator with a diameter of 32 cm)
Temperature regulation using a knob for intuitive control.
3999.00 € More information
5 automatic programs
SFD 6600BK
Food dehydrator
5 automatic programs, Horizontal Air Flow technology, Backlit LED display.
2999.00 € More information
Backlit LED display
SFD 4235WH
Food Dehydrator
Backlit LED display. Electronic temperature control 40-70°C enables retention of as many natural compounds as possible.
5 drying racks standard
SFD 2105WH
Food dehydrator
Diameter of drying rack: 33 cm. Available height per level: 1.3 cm. Integrated fan assists even dehydration on all levels.
5 drying racks as standard
Food Dehydrator
Temperature control 35-80°C. 5 drying racks as standard (option to purchase a set of a further 4 racks).
Backlit LED display
Food dehydrator
Backlit LED display. Electronic temperature control 35-70°C. Electronic shut off timer.
5 drying racks as standard
Food Dehydrator
5 drying racks as standard. Space saving when using fewer racks (possible with only a single rack). Diameter of the drying rack: 23cm.
5 height-adjustable drying trays
Food dehydrator
This compact food dehydrator offers 5 height-adjustable drying trays. Diameter of the drying tray: 255 mm. Available height per level: 1.5 to 2.8 cm.
4 pieces
SFX 40
Spare drying trays
Spare drying trays for SENCOR SFD 128E / 130A, SFD 1205WH, 1305BK food dehydrator.
3 pieces
SFX 30
Spare drying trays
Spare drying trays for SENCOR SFD 135E food dehydrator.
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