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A stand mixer is much more than just a cream soup maker or fruit cocktail maker. The top-class Sencor models can also make fruit & vegetable smoothies and process nuts and cereals. They are great for making raw food and serve well as an amateur chef companion.



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SBU 9000NP
Super Blender
A powerful, practical multifunctional blender that adapts to your needs. All you need to do is choose a pre-set programme, and you can always expect only the best results! What’s more, the digital BLDC motor ensures a tenfold greater lifespan and perfect blending results.
SBU 8850NP
Super Blender
I'm a SUPER high-performance blender from Sencor with an output of 2000W and 33,000 rpm. My significant power enables me to achieve high speeds in a few seconds and release substances from nuts, seeds and cereals that are difficult to extract for the body and are very beneficial for your health. 
SBU 8800NP
Super Blender
I'm a SUPER high-performance blender from Sencor with an output of 2000W and 33,000 rpm. Excellently done work stands behind my performance. Thanks to it, I achieve high revolutions in a very short time. This enables the release of substances that are hard to reach and healthy for the body from nuts, seeds and cereals. 
SBU 8900SL
Super Vacuum Blender
I'm a vacuum blender from Sencor with an output of 1200 W and 30,000 rpm. I use my power in various ways. I have six useful programs and six speeds for manual operation. Sencor equipped me with special technology enabling me to blend in a vacuum. As a result, I am the perfect helper that will delight every household with my performance and functions.
SBU 7790NP
Super Blender
With this Nutriline series blender, your delicious drink will be ready in a flash, thanks to the blender‘s high speeds and six titanium-coated stainless-steel blades.
SBU 7730BK
Super Blender
Sencor® Nutri Smart Blending Technology for Perfect Results. Transform Whole, Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds, and other Superfoods into Supreme Liquid Power for your Body.
SBU 787
SBU 787x
Automatic Vacuum Super Blender
Blending and Storage in the Vacuum Keeps the Maximum of Nutrients, Fresh Taste and Inhibates Growth of Microorganisms and Toxin Formation.
SBL 5750SS
Glass Jug Blender
Thanks to this blender‘s high-quality heat-resistant 1.5 litre container, you can also blend hot ingredients and liquids. And with three blending modes, a perfect result is guaranteed.
SBL 4870WH
Powerful 800W Motor, Ideal for Making Soups, Baby Food, Sauces, Milkshakes and Other Meals.
SBL 537
SBL 537x
Glass Jug Blender
High Quality Stainless Steel Blades Ensuring Long Lifetime, Glass Blending Jug With 1.7 l Capacity.
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