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Ventilation & Air-Conditioning

Without air we wouldn't be alive. But what also matters, is the quality of the air and sometimes, when it comes to extremes, the temperature of the air. Sencor has invested much of it's time in this area, resulting in a entire range of products: air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, cleaners, radiators and humidifiers. Whether you need to adjust the air in your office or at your home, we definitely have what you need.
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4-Step Filtration Ensuring Highest Possible Efficiency
4-Step Filtration Ensuring Highest Possible Efficiency
Inflow Filter: Captures Coarse Dust Particles and Allergens
Carbon Filter: Absorbs Formaldehyde, Benzene and other Harmful Gases
HEPA Filter: Captures Dust Particles, Smoke, Gases and other Allergenic Particles
UV-C Radiation: Destroys Microorganisms such as Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds
Air Purifiers
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