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Deep Fryers

When craving home-made French fries, burgers, fried chicken or sweet muffins, Sencor deep fryers become the ideal companion. Additionally, the hot air fryers can make your favourite "fried" meals in a healthier environment, without a single drop of oil.



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SFR 5400WH
Multifunction Vita Fryer
I'm a multifunctional deep fryer that works with hot air. I can handle countless food products without added oil. The meals I make have a perfect, authentic taste with almost half the fat content of fried ones. What is the result? I can make quick and in many ways healthier meals and because I am multifunctional, I can also cook a whole chicken or a great homemade cake. 
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SFR 5320WH
Vita Fryer
I'm the Sencor SFR 5320WH hot air deep fryer. I make delicious fried and non-fried foods without you having to add a drop of grease. I use hot air circulation technology and prepare all meals evenly. Meals taste just like fried food, but they are a lot healthier!
SFR 3220WH
Vita Fryer
I can prepare your favorite fried foods with just a teaspoon of oil or completely without it. The food is evenly cooked thanks to the hot air circulation technology as well as being delicious and healthy. 
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