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Air Purifiers

Sencor air purifiers provide elegant and efficient solutions for improving the air quality in your home or in your office. The 3-step filtration ensures the highest possible efficiency, while the UV-C radiation effectively destroy viruses, bacteria and mould.



Clear Air Delivery Rate CADR

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SHA 9400WH
Air Purifier
CADR (Clear Air Delivery Rate) 483m3/h, 8-Step Filtration Ensuring Highest Possible Efficiency.
Air purifier
I'm the Sencor SHA 8400WH-EUE3  Air Purifier and in just one hour, I can purify up to 178 m³ of air in an area of up to 25 m². I draw in and subsequently filter poor quality air and can remove harmful substances such as mites, pollens, odours and microorganisms.
SHA 8400WH
Air Purifier
Recommended room area 20–40 m².
SHX 006
4in1 Filter
Filter For SENCOR Air Purifier SHA 9200WH / SHA 9400WH
SHX 005
3in1 Filter
3in1 Filter For SENCOR Air Purifier SHA 6400WH
SHX 004
Replacement filter for SHA 8400
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