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We only have one body and one life. Taking care of yourself is a daily ritual which helps you look & feel great. Sencor offers various products such as trimmers, shavers, curling irons, flat irons or blood pressure monitors, personal scales and electric toothbrushes.
Treat your body well, it deserves it.


 Water-resistant Electric Shavers
Water-resistant Electric Shavers
The entire body of the shaver is water-resistant and can comfortably be cleaned under running water. Other advantages include an ultra-silent high-speed motor, light design and long battery life – two hours of charging can provide up to 40 minutes of operation. With a daily 2-minute use, that's almost one month with a single charge.
Men's Electric Shavers
Water-resistant Electric Shavers
Trimming Attachement
Trimming Attachement
Selected electric shavers include a trimming attachment, which enables precise beard, chops or moustache trimming.
Trimming Attachement
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