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Cooking at home for young & adult diners can be challenging. With Sencor kitchen appliances you can save  heaps of time every day and discover new ways of preparing your favourite meals. We offer practical hand mixers, hand blenders, food slicers, choppers, graters and meat grinders. Our kitchen scales help you precisely measure anything you need, while the vacuum sealers help you keep your ingredients and meals fresher - whether it's in your pantry, fridge or freezer. Thanks to Sencor, preparing lunches and dinners can become fun and you can become a home chef.


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Sencor food dehydrators feature precise temperature control, thanks to which you can dry virtually any type of fruit, vegetable or herb. Models with electric timers can be set to switch off after a certain time, so you don't have to worry about over-drying your fruit or herbs. With available spare drying trays for selected models, you can level-up your dehydrator capacity. The transparent lid and trays make it possible to check the drying process at any time.
Food Dehydrators

High Quality Drying
High Quality Drying
With a high quality electronic dehydrator, you can achieve better drying results than with simple air drying. Thanks to the speed of the process, no bacteria or mould can grow. The pre-heating process helps keep colour and taste of the ingredients, while sensory properties can be improved by dipping fruit & vegetable pieces in a citric acid solution (lemon juice, pineapple juice and others).
Electric spiralizer​

Drive boredom out of your kitchen and create original and healthy recipes
Electric spiralizer​
Electric <strong>spiralizer​</strong><br>
Drive boredom out of your kitchen and create original and healthy recipes
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