Air Coolers

SFN 9011SL Air Cooler

  • Summer fan
  • Air humidifier
  • Air cooler

3-in-1 Versatility

  • Summer Fan
  • Air Humidifier
  • Air Cooler
Option to turn off the air humidifier function
Humidifying/cooling circuit with a water pump
3 speeds (low, medium and high)

 3 operating modes

  • Normal
  • Natural (i.e. "natural breeze" function, which combining various speeds)
  • Sleep (minimises the risk of catching a cold from the draft during sleep)

 "Sleep" mode (offers the option to automatically switch to the lowest speed)

  • after 30 minutes of medium speed operation
  • after 30 minutes of high speed operation to medium speed, after another 30 minutes to low speed

Remote control
Automatic shut off timer with an indicator of remaining time (0.5 hours - 7.5 hours in 0.5 hour steps)
LED display with a blue backlight
Front grill with an automatic oscillation option for an even distribution of air
Washable dust filter
Special water filter
Removable 5.5-litre water tank
Water level indicator
Option to use two cooling refills (included)
Automatic shut off of humidifying/cooling in the event of an empty tank
Integrated side handles and 4 travel wheels for easy handling
Practical holders for winding up excess power cord hidden in the rear part of the appliance
Storage space for the remote control in the rear of the appliance


Power input 110 W
Noise level 66 dB
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 408 x 282 x 889 mm
Weight 7.2 kg
Maximum fan flow rate: 13,33 m³/min
Service value: 0,23 (m³/min)/W
Standby power consumption: 0,19 W
Maximum air velocity: 3,37 m/s
Air Coolers

Technical description

Placement Standing
Speeds (degrees) 3
Height adjustable NO
Horizontal rotation No
Vertical tilting No
Power input (W) 110 W
Height (cm) 88,9 cm
Width (cm) 40,8 cm
Depth (cm) 28,2 cm
Colour Black/Silver
Weight 7,2 kg


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