SBA 6LR61 1BP 9V Zinc-carbon battery 9V

  • Type: 9V BLOCK
  • Packaging: 1BP
  • Version: Alkaline
3.79 €

Alkaline battery

The frequently used single-use alkaline battery with a 9V voltage boasts a long lifespan and is also environmentally friendly. It does not contain cadmium, mercury, or lead, and can be stored for up to ten years. Its high-quality construction is designed to be used even in demanding conditions and to deliver a consistently high performance. The 9V battery is primarily utilized in devices with very low current consumption and a requirement for higher voltage, such as remote-controlled toys, smoke and gas detectors, multimeters, and other household electronics.
  • Type: 9V BLOCK
  • Packaging: 1BP
  • Version: Alkaline

Technical description

Type 9V Block
Version Alkaline


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