Hot Air Fans

SFH 8994WH Ceramic Tower Heater Wi-Fi

  • PTC Heating Elements for Effective and Safe Heating
  • 3 Modes – Fan / 1 300 W / 2 000 W
  • Applicable Area 24 m² / 60 m³
  • Sencor HOME app - Wi-Fi Control

Main advantages

PTC Heating Elements for Effective and Safe Heating
3 Modes – Fan / 1 300 W / 2 000 W
Applicable Area 24 m² / 60 m³
Sencor HOME app - Wi-Fi Control

Sencor HOME Convenient Control Anywhere

With the Sencor SFH 8994WH you can control the heat of your home from virtually anywhere. In addition to the classic remote control or control directly from the heater panel, we've added the ability to control the heater from virtually anywhere using your own smartphone with the Sencor HOME app.
And because we take smart home seriously, the heater features a combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip for easy initial pairing with your phone and accessibility to control from virtually anywhere. Easily share the Sencor HOME remote control on your phone with other members of your household or workplace colleagues. You can see the current room temperature on your phone, easily set a timer, temperature or even different scenarios for the whole week or special situations.

Efficient PTC Cells

The SFH 8994WH takes advantage of all the benefits of PTC technology. The heat is produced by ceramic cells, which, compared to conventional heaters, provide high efficiency and lower power consumption for the same output. Moreover, it can heat up to the desired temperature much faster. The lower the room temperature, the more efficient the PTC is. It doesn't dry out the air or burn oxygen, so you can breathe better.
Two modes: low with 1,300 W or high with 2,200 W heat the desired space optimally.
The option to switch on the right-to-left oscillation (or swing) contributes to better heat distribution through the space.
An automatic system takes care of maintaining the desired temperature, which also saves your wallet. Once the temperature reaches the desired value, the heater will stop heating, only the fan will continue to blow the warm air around the room. As soon as the temperature drops by 3 degrees, it starts heating again.

What It Can Do

It also serves as a fan. It can heat a space of up to 24 m2. The heater is equipped with a safety fuse against overheating. And thanks to an additional fuse, it will shut down even if you knock it over.
There is a timer on which you can easily set the operating time from 1 to 12 hours. Of course, you have even more options directly in the Sencor HOME app.


The heater is extremely safe, it has a double overheating protection, nothing bad can happen even if it tips over. Whether it's caused by a pet or happens “in the heat of the moment”, the fuse will shut down the tipped-over device.
Do you want to make sure it's really off and no one can start the heater by accident or mistake? You don't have to climb behind the couch to the socket, the classic rocker switch at the foot of the device turns the heater off completely.

Functions and Features

Double Overheat Protection
Automatic Shut-Off Function in Case the Unit Overturns
Integrated Handle
Maximum power input 2 000 W
Max Noise ≤ 50 dB

Weight and Dimensions

  • Product size: 22 × 22 × 69.3 cm
  • Weight: 3.00 kg

Technical description

Maximum Power Input                2 200 W
Modes                                                3
App Control                                       Sencor HOME
Remote Control                               Yes
Display                                                White
Thermostat                                       Yes
Temp range                                       10-49 °C
Overheating Protection                Yes        
Tip-over Switch Protection         Yes
Cool Air                                               Yes        
Auto Swing Oscilation                   Yes
Timer                                                   1-12 h
Heating Elements                           PTC
Motor                                                  Copper
For Rooms up to                              24 m² / 60 m³
Height                                                 69.3 cm
Width                                                  22 cm
Depth                                                  22 cm
Weight                                                3.00 kg
Colour                                                 White
Power cable length                                        1.4 m
Notice                                                  This product is not suitable as a main heat source for the purpose of heating.
Hot Air Fans

Technical description

Maximum power input 2 200 W
Height (cm) 69,3 cm
Width (cm) 22 cm
Depth (cm) 22 cm
Colour White
Weight 3 kg
Setup levels 3
Thermostat Yes
Cool air Yes


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