AV Cleaning

SCL 2200 Cleaning Kit 4 in 1

  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Antistatic Brush
  • Cleaning Solution and Textile Bag
4 in 1 – Cleaning cloth + antistatic brush + cleaning solution (60ml) + textile bag for easy storage
Cleaning microfibre cloth 20x20 cm perfectly removes grease and dust
Cleaning solution immediately removes smears, fingerprints and dust - 60ml
Soft cleaning brush simply removes dust and smears from the monitor, keyboard without scratching the surface
Suitable for: CD/DVD discs, LCD/Plasma TV, CRT TV, PDA/MDA displays, notebooks,cameras, etc.
Package contains: Cleaning solution (200ml) + microfibre cloth + cleaning brush + textile bag
AV Cleaning

Technical description

Specification LCD/PLASMA


Manual /multilingual/
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