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SCM 2130 Cooler Box

  • Internal volume 30 l (29 l with closed lid)
  • Cooling and heating function
  • 3 power source options: (230 V / 12 V from car socket / USB)

Cooler Box

  • Internal volume 30 l (29 l with closed lid)
  • Cooling and heating function
  • 3 power source options: (230 V / 12 V from car socket / USB)

Main advantages

I'm a 30-litre car refrigerator but I also have a heating function. With me by your side, you'll get to enjoy great moments regardless of the weather, on any trip, or when relaxing while fishing, at a grill party, on a camping holiday, or celebrations on hot summer days, and during many other occasions, where a large-capacity car refrigerator is simply a must. 

You don't need to worry about my power sources. I'll handle electricity directly from the mains, but a car socket is no problem either. I can even be powered via a USB power cable, so if you pack a powerbank then I'll run in places without electricity.

You're probably getting me as a refrigerator. I'm really great at that thanks to very good insulation and a powerful cooling element. Going 18-20 °C below ambient temperature is normal for me. My cooling performance can be further improved using 3 pre-cooled cooling inserts, which come included.

But I can also heat. That's when you set the toggle switch to the other side. Then, I can keep my contents warm at a temperature of 55 °C. 
I have great internal and external dimensions and can comfortably fit wherever you need me to be on hand. My long cables will reach every power socket. I have a large solid handle that fits right in your hand and when you lean it against the edge on the middle of the bottom edge of the lid, it serves as a brace so you can easily access my contents. 

I can easily run for several hours but if it's necessary to save power, simply set me to the ECO mode, since you really don't need to cool or heat at full blast all the time. 


Internal volume: 30 l
Available volume: 29 l
Including 2 cooling inserts
I handle cooling but also offer a heating function
Stylish design, ideal for home as well as outdoor use
Large handle for easy carrying to a picnic or when camping
I am silent. Maximum noise level: 42 dB (A)

3 power source options
  • AC 220-240 V 
  • DC 12 V - 12 V car socket 
  • power supply via 5V USB – for example via a powerbank

Power Input: 55 W / 45 W / 10 W
Only 10 W in ECO mode
Maximum cooling power 18 °C to 20 °C below ambient temperature
Maximum heating power up to 50-60 °C
Insulation: Cyclopentane
Dimensions (w × h × d): outer 460*440*292
                                       inner 395*245*350 (-45) mm

Weight: 5.1 kg 

Dimensions and weight

Height: 46 cm
Width: 44 cm 
Depth: 29,2 cm 
Weight: 5.1 kg
Colour: green with white
Travel Coolers

Technical description

Version Car Cooler
Refrigerator capacity (l) 29 l
Power 230V + 12V
Height (cm) 44 cm
Width (cm) 46 cm
Depth (cm) 29,2 cm
Weight 5,1 kg
Energy class F
Colour Green
Noise emission class A


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