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SKS 7300 Kitchen Scale Strongman

  • Weighing capacity up to 30 kg 
  • Large LED display with a white backlight
  • Tara & Hold functions

Kitchen Scale Strongman

Main advantages

I have sufficient capacity for weighing anything and everything you'll find in the kitchen. 
Apart from the standard "Tare" function for incrementally weighing ingredients and subtracting the weight of containers, I also feature a "Hold" function – for when you want to weigh a really large pot that prevents you from seeing my stylish white-backlit display.  Activate this function by simply holding down a button for 3 seconds - a padlock icon will appear on the display. Then the weighing result will remain on the display even when you remove the bulky item. 

I boast an clean, elegant, stainless steel design. I am easy to control using two touch buttons located right beside my large easy-to-read white-backlit display.

Precision sensors in my feet take care of exact weighing, so I need to be placed on a hard, even surface. 
And if you should forget a bubbling pot or frizzling pan on me, it won't matter since I will turn off automatically after a few moments.
Weighing capacity up to 30 kg / weighing accuracy = 2 g.
Tare function for incrementally weighing additional ingredients
Hold function for displaying the weight value even after the weighed item is removed
Stainless steel surface
Large LED display with a white backlight
Touch controls
Sensors in the feet of the scale
Automatic shut-off when idle
4 × 1.5V AA batteries

Dimensions and weight
Height: 2.5 cm 
Width: 31 cm 
Depth: 25.6 cm 
Weight: 1.15 kg
Colour: Stainless steel


Kitchen Scales

Technical description

Maximum weight capacity 30 kg
Units g
Power Battery
Height 2,5 cm
Width 31 cm
Depth 25,6 cm
Colour Stainless Steel


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