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SXP 040 WH Digital LCD tablet

  • 14“ LCD display 
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Button against accidental deletion of content

With me, you won’t forget anything

I am a digital LCD tablet that will serve as your second head. Need to quickly write down a shopping list or To-Do list? Thanks to the supplied stylus, you can draw, write and sketch any important notes in a few seconds. You then simply insert the stylus into the socket directly in the body of the tablet.

For work and comfortably

My display is not only high quality but also durable. In addition, the surface is pressure-sensitive, so when the stylus is pressed, I transfer the increased pressure as a thicker line. In this way, you can very easily hatch, underline or highlight as naturally as on paper. And if anything fails, don’t worry. Just press a single button on my side to erase everything.

Long endurance in a slim body

Thin as a notebook, and yet you will write many times more pages on me than on ordinary paper. Everything you need is already hidden in my slim, yet lightweight body. A standard CR2025 battery is all that’s needed for my power supply, giving me a really long lifetime. Possible replacement is very easy, you can handle it in no time.

Writing area: 14"
Display: LCD 
Size: 325x235x8mm
Weight: 283g
Battery: CR 2025 
Material: ABS 
Pen included package

Technical description

Format 14"
Control PEREM
Can be traced
Colour White


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