SPR 4000BK Electric Pressure Cooker

  • 4-litre capacity enables cooking for the whole family at once
  • Non-stick surface ensures maximum cooking comfort
  • Suitable for serving food during family dinner 
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Try the Sencor SPR 4000BK  electric pressure cooker

Say goodbye to cooking for several hours! I am the Sencor SPR 4000BK electric pressure cooker, which can manage the work of an electric or gas stove top, induction stove top and oven. I am more efficient and faster than conventional stove tops. I will save a lot of time, with absolutely minimal energy consumption. With a volume of 4 l, I can even satisfy a family of six. You can count on me in every situation, because I offer a wide range of interesting features.

With 15 programs, I take care of all kinds of heat treatment

I cook slowly and in a traditional style, fry, stew, steam, bake, cook in steam, etc. I can easily perform all heat treatments and I do not have a problem working outside the home, thanks to the possibility of plugging into an electrical outlet. I reliably ensure the operation of 15 automatic programs where I have a preset temperature, time and optimum pressure. The meals I cook are healthy and full of great flavors, aromas and nutrients. You no longer need to add much fat or water to get the most magical food taste. 

  • Frying, stewing, baking, slow cooking
  • Steam cooking
  • Meat, fish
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Vegetables
  • Soups
  • Yogurt
  • Cake
  • Dessert

Customized temperature and time setting 

Try customizing all values on the easy-to-use control panel

I offer the possibility to set the temperature of 30-160 ° C, the time and pressure level. My control panel is great for easy and fast handling. You can select preset programs with intuitive icons even when your hands are wet. All icons are backlit to give you an overview of the selected programs and functions. You can monitor the countdown of the set time via the digital display. 

I can cook without your presence as well

I don't need any attention for most of my programs. I cook even when you are at work or going out and want to have dinner or lunch for your family prepared at home. By selecting the program and the delayed start, I can cook a sauce, a great soup, a cake or any side dish. With the Keep Warm function, I automatically keep the food warm for up to eight hours so you can serve it directly on the plate!

I work with multiple safeguards!

I'm equipped with 15 safety modules that ensure my safe and handling and operation. I present several of them below.

  • I monitor high temperatures to prevent food from burning
  • Using the internal temperature sensor, I automatically adjust the heating intensity  
  • The reliable timer ensures automatic shut down when the countdown ends 
  • The lid seals perfectly and also has a smart lock that only allows it to be started when it is locked  
  • A safety float valve prevents the pot from opening when there is pressure inside
  • I intelligently monitor the internal pressure status and maintain its safe value
  • I allow the manual release of pressure from the safety pressure valve
  • I guarantee great stability

Sencor has created a range of useful accessories tailored for me

My accessories are collapsible and every pot should have them, which thanks to the electrical connection can also be used for camping or cooking in places where there is no stove top available. They allow you to mix food, measure out a portion of rice or legumes, scoop up ready food, or steam dumplings. You don't have to worry about complicated washing either! The removable pot has a high quality non-stick surface that can be easily washed even in the dishwasher.

Cooking at High Pressure

  • Shortens cooking time by more than half
  • Enables legumes (beans, chickpeas, etc.) to be cooked without pre-soaking
  • Enables delicious meals to be cooked from tough cuts of meat
  • Retains the taste and aroma of the cooked meal
  • Saves power needed for cooking
  • Enables cooking of healthier meals

Inner Pot

  • 4.8-litre absolute capacity
  • Maximum 4-litre cooking capacity enables cooking for the whole family at once
  • Non-stick surface ensures maximum cooking comfort
  • Suitable for serving food during family dinner 
  • 1.7mm wall thickness
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Practical heat resistant handles

Temperature Settings 30-160 °C for Every Taste and Preferred Consistency
Multiple Safety System with Locking Valves Engaged During the Cooking Process ensures Maximum Safety at High Pressure

    9 Mechanical safety systems
    2 Electronic safety systems

Circular Product Design
Simple Button Controls enable the Pot to be operated even with Wet Hands

15 Adjustable Programs

  • •    Fry
  • •    Stew
  • •    Meat
  • •    Fish
  • •    Rice
  • •    Bread
  • •    Pasta
  • •    Vegetables
  • •    Slow cooking
  • •    Yoghurt
  • •    Cake
  • •    Oven
  • •    Dessert
  • •    Soup
  • •    Steam cooking
  • •    Custom mode

24-hour Time Switch
"Keep Warm" Function for Keeping Meals Warm at 60-80 °C when Cooking is Finished
Automatic Steam Release Safely releases All the Steam without Human Intervention

Included Contents: 

  • •    Pressure cooker with a 4-litre pot
  • •    Rice ladle
  • •    Rice spoon
  • •    Measuring cup

15 Smart Safety Modules ensure Maximum Safety in Every Situation
1. Pressure limit protection: When pressure in the cooker exceeds 110 kPa, the valve automatically releases steam and the pressure is lowered. 
2. Anti-clogging protection: The cover inside the pressure cooker protects the valve against clogging by solid particles.
3. Anti-opening protective mechanism: The slider does not permit the lid to be opened until the pressure inside the pressure cooker equals atmospheric pressure.
4. Lid lock monitoring: this module monitors the status of the lid: properly closed or improperly closed. The appliance will only function when the status of the lid corresponds to the menu settings.
5. Microswitch protection: The microswitch ensures that pressure is not created inside the pressure cooker until the lid is properly closed.
6. Temperature regulator: When the temperature is too high, the pressure cooker turns off automatically.
7. Accidental turn on prevention system: When the inner pot is not inserted inside, the pressure cooker will automatic shut off the power supply.
8. Temperature sensor: The sensor monitors the internal temperature and adjusts the pressure and heating power so that safety is maintained.
9. Accidental overpressure release protection: The lid lock can only be unlocked when there is no pressure inside the pressure cooker. 
10. Gasket ring: When the pressure inside is too high, a gap is created in the gasket ring, which releases the pressure and returns it to the normal level.
11. Assembly monitoring: only when the lid is properly seated is it possible to close and start the pressure cooker.
12. Safety mechanism: the safety mechanism shuts off the power supply when the temperature is too high.
13. Silicone covers: Covers protect the circuit module against water even when it is poured into the outer pot. 
14. Overvoltage protection: To prevent the product from catching on fire, the protection system automatically shuts off the power supply when an overvoltage event occurs.
15. varistor: protection of circuit boards, for example when hit by a lightning strike.

Dimensions: 300×300×400 mm
Power output: 1,100 W
Weight: 6.7 kg
Electric Pots & Rice Cookers

Technical description

Dishwasher safe
Power input 1 100 W
Height 30 cm
Width 30 cm
Depth 40 cm
Colour Black


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