SWK 1740 Electric Kettle

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  • Easy to open lid with a button in the top part of the handle
  • Heating base from stainless steel with a covered heating spiral
  • Central 360° connector
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Hodnocení SWK 1740 Electric Kettle:
na základě 1 recenzí
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1.7 l Capacity
Stainless Steel Housing Combined with Smoke Polycarbonate
Water Level Indicator
Power Cord Storage in Stand
Easy Lid Opening by Button in Upper Part of Handle
Removable and Washable Filter
Stainless Steel Heating Bottom with Covered Heating Element
Double Safety Protection:
o Overheating Protection When Turned on without Water
o Automatic Switch Off When Removed from Stand
Central 360° Connector
On/Off Switch
Ergonomic Shaped Handle
2000 W Power Input
Electric Kettles

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