Hair Clippers
SHP 3301BL
Hair Clipper
  • Power source mains/battery
  • Ultra Quiet High-Speed Motor
  • Blade width 25 mm
Power source mains/battery
Ultra Quiet High-Speed Motor
Removable height attachment for easy cleaning
Ergonomic handle preventing slipping in the hand
Battery operating time 50 minutes
ON/OFF switch (on/off)
Option to trim without the comb attachment
Regulator for setting the cutting height in the range of 1–8 mm
Graphic cutting length indicator
LED charging indicator
Integrated Nimh Battery
Supplied accessories: charging/power adapter, cleaning brush
Length of the Power Cord: 145cm
Dimensions (height × depth × width): 180 × 36 × 36mm
Weight: 135g
Hair Clippers
Technical description
Replaceable attachments
Number of attachments 1
Specified for HAIR
Number of length settings 16
Settings range 1-8 mm
Maintenance-free operation
Operating time (battery) 50 min
Height 18 cm
Width 3,6 cm
Depth 3,6 cm
Colour BLUE
Weight 135 g
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