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Hand Blenders

Hand blenders is one of the most practical kitchen helpers. It can help with quick preparations of cream soups, sauces, baby food or with whipping and chopping. With strong motors and sharp titan blades, Sencor blenders are one the best.



Container capacity

Number of attachments


Continuous control


Whisk attachment

Attachment material

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SHB 435
SHB 435x
Hand Blender
4 Stainless steel blade with ICE Crushing Function. Extra quiet DC Motor.
SHB 332
SHB 332x
Hand Blender
Hand Blender, 2 speeds with a TURBO function for an instant power boost. Power input 400 W.
Quiet DC motor
SHB 4110WH
Hand Blender
Hand Blender with a Removable Attachment. Power input 400 W. Quiet DC motor.
Ergonomically shaped handle
SHB 4356
Hand Blender
Hand Blender with a Stainless Steel Attachment. Power input 400W. Ergonomically shaped handle.
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