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SMW 1817BK Microwave Oven

  • Easy manual control
  • Volume 17 l
  • 5 microwave power levels
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I'm the Sencor SMW 1817BK microwave oven

Introducing the SMW 1817BK microwave oven with a volume of 17 l. I work with a microwave power of 700 watts and six operating modes. I also offer convenient operation with two rotary knobs. You can quickly set the required time and heating mode thanks to them. Come and warm up your food with me! I am a reliable and powerful microwave oven from Sencor, which offers more than food heating.

I have 6 operating modes

I will save you time and effort in the kitchen. I use my advantages practically, effectively, and especially quickly! Six operating modes allow me to decrease or increase the microwave power for individual meals and foods. I can be used for heating, cooking, but also for defrosting food. Just turn the rotary knob, set the desired mode and time up to 30 minutes. 

  • · LOW - Low power
  • · DEFROST - Defrost 
  • · M. LOW - Medium low power
  • · MED - Medium power
  • · M. HIGH - Medium high power
  • · HIGH - High power


I have a low noise level of 58 dB (A)

You will be happy to say goodbye to your old microwave. I am extremely quiet and reach only 58 dB (A) at maximum microwave power. I will not disturb anyone, even if I keep warming up for a longer period of time and when I finish heating I will sound a soft beep.

I ensure safe operation

I always work with the knowledge that I am as safe as possible and do the job for ideal results. I spread microwaves evenly and illuminate the interior so you can watch my work at any time. Plus, I'm perfectly stable and I won't move just like that. 

Functions and properties

Microwave heating
Enamel exterior housing
Enamel interior for easy cleaning
Easy manual control
Volume 17 l
5 microwave power levels
Defrost function
30-minute timer
Microwave power 700 W
Sound signals
Button to open the door
Rotating plate diameter: 245 mm
Dimensions (w × h × d): 450 × 260 × 340 mm
Weight: 10.5 kg
Microwave Ovens

Technical description

Installation options Standalone
Microwave oven type Basic
Volume 17 l
Microwave power output (W) 700 W
Grill No
Hot air No
Control Mechanical
Display No
Turntable diameter 24,5 cm
Interior surface Lacquered
Door opening Left
Built-in options NO
Height (cm) 26 cm
Width (cm) 45 cm
Depth (cm) 34 cm
Colour Black
Weight 10,5 kg


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