SAC MT7013C Mobile Air Conditioner

  • Cooling Power Output 7 000 BTU
  • 4 Operating Modes / 3 Speed Levels
  • Remote Control with Short Cut & Follow Me Functions
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Main Advantages

  • 7 000 BTU/h 
  • 4 Operating Modes (Cool / Fan / Dry / Auto) 
  • 3 Speed Levels (High / Low / Auto)
  • Temperatures setting range 17-30 °C


Cooling mode
You can set the temperature in the range from 17 to 30 °C, and and set the fan speed on Auto (automatic speed) / Low (low speed) / High (high speed).

Fan mode
When you want to enjoy a fresh breeze and do not need to cool the room. You can choose between low speed (Low) and high speed (High) or set „Auto“ for automatic speed.
In this mode, you don‘t set the temperature, nor it is necessary to connect the flexible exhaust hose.

Dehumidification mode
Sometimes you just need to adjust the humidity level in the room for comfort. So just set the mode on „Dry“, and don’t care about anything else.

Remote Control

I am easily and conveniently controlled from anywhere in the room by remote control. Even more the remote control offers some additional functions.

Sleep Mode 
For energy savings and more quiet operation during the night. The sleep function is used to reduce overnight power consumption when a constant temperature is not necessary. The function also ensure comfort while sleeping as the air conditioner operation is turned down and the display illumination is dimmed.

Short Cut Function
For easy access previously saved favorited settings. The Short Cut function allows you to save your favourite settings, store them in memory and easily access them again.

Follow Me Function 
For measuring the room temperature from the remote control. In this mode the remote control serves as a remote thermostat which scan the temperature at its current location (instead of the sensor of the mobile air conditioner). At regular intervals, it then sends a temperature signal to the mobile air conditioner which then optimizes the temperature around you, i.e., around the place where the remote control is located, and thus ensures maximum comfort.

Do you want to postpone the start of the cooling? Or shut it off after a while? The „automatic turn-on“ function enables you to set the time after which the mobile air conditioner will turn on automatically. And „automatic turn-off“ allows you to set the time when the mobile air conditioner should turn off.
You can set the time in the range from 0.5 up to 24 hours for both functions.


The mobile air conditioner is equipped with complete set of accessories consisting of:
Remote control (batteries included) with remote control wall holder
Sealing kit for different type of windows:
Cloth bag - textile protection with a zip
Adhesive foam seal - tape of self-adhesive velcro
Foam seal (non adhesive)
Wide flexible hot air exhaust hose
Inlet and outlet hose adapter
Drain hose

Functions and Features

Complete set for hot air extraction and window sealing
Upper detachable intake grill with filter for easy cleaning 
Self-evaporating condensate function – under normal conditions, no need to pour out the condensate - it doesn’t reduce the humidity in the room
360° rotation wheels & integrated handles

Technical Description

Color: White
Energy Class: A
Power Input: 980 W
Cooling Input: 790 W
Cooling Power Output: 7 000 BTU/h 
Cooling Capacity: 2 000 W
Temperatures setting range: 17-30 °C
Dehumidification capacity: 1.94 l/h
Cooling Air Volume: 272 / 211 m3/h (high / low)
Applicable Area: 21-26 m2 
Applicable Space: 54-67 m3 
Noise Level: 62 dB
Wi-Fi Control: No
Remote Control: Yes
Timer: 0.5-24 h
Coolant: R290 (0.14 kg)
Mobile: Yes
Height: 63.4 cm
Width: 32.9 cm
Depth: 31.8 cm 
Net Weight: 21.5 kg
Gross Weight: 24 kg
Mobile Air-Conditioning

Technical description

Energy class A
Cooling power input (W) 980 W
Cooling power output (BTU/h) 7 000 BTU/h
Air flow volume 272 m3/h
Applicable space 26 m2
Remote control YES
Timer Yes
Coolant R 290
Mobile Yes
Height (cm) 63,4 cm
Width (cm) 32,9 cm
Depth (cm) 31,8 cm
Colour White
Weight 21,5 kg


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