SOI 3312WH Oral Irrigator

  • Tank capacity 600 ml
  • Pump frequency 1400 pulses/minute
  • Option to use mouth wash for cleaning
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1999.00 €
Able to effectively remove bacteria, food remains and plaque from interdental areas and periodontal pockets

Regular cleaning helps with prevention of 

  • gum disease
  • formation of dental tartar
  • formation of dental caries
  • unpleasant bad breath

Replaceable heads for perfect cleaning of all areas

  • standard head ideal for normal cleaning, removes bacteria from between teeth and the area between the tooth and the gum
  • tongue cleaner for cleaning the tongue and face, removes bacteria, food remains and dead cells from the surface
  • cavity cleaner for cleaning hard-to-reach or sensitive places, special construction ensures quality cleaning even when low pressure is used
  • orthodontic head for cleaning around braces or hard-to-reach places around bridges

3 cleaning modes

  • "Cleaning Mode" - Everyday cleaning mode
  • "Massage" – Gum massage mode
  • "Fresh mode" – for refreshing and surface cleaning

Massages and helps to improve blood supply to gums and their regeneration
Water pressure reaches usually hard-to-reach places
Suitable for cleaning with braces or bridges
5 water pressure levels meet all gum requirements including sensitive and diseased gums
2-minute timer for optimal cleaning
Safe energy source suitable even for damp bathrooms
Magnetic irrigator holder for maximum hygiene
100 cm long water tube for very comfortable use
Option to turn the water current on and off directly on the handle
360° rotating head for reaching even hard-to-reach places
Quadpacer technology help to evenly time the cleaning of all teeth
Tank capacity: 600 ml
Pump frequency: 1400 pulses/minute 
Option to use mouth wash for cleaning
Water pressure: 200 - 760 kPa
Dimensions (H × W × D): 245 × 135 × 97 mm
Weight: 580 g (including nozzle) 



Technical description

Number of functions 3
Oral shower
Brushing speed 1 400
Height 24,5 cm
Width 13,5 cm
Depth 9,7 cm
Colour White
Weight 580 g


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