SDA-500 Outdoor DVB-T Antenna

  • Waterproof Outdoor Design
  • TV Power Possibility
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UHF 470 - 870MHz; VHF 174 - 230MHz
Impedance 75Ω
Horizontal and Vertical Polarisation
Built-in High Performance Low Noise Amplifier
Gain 25dB
Power Supply 6 V/100mA (230V/6V Adapter Included)
Set-Top-Box or DTV Power Supply Optional
Waterproof Outdoor Design
Resistant against UV Radiation
Connection through an F-Connector (Adapter to IEC Included)
2 Installation Options, Balcony/Pole
In order to connect this antenna, you can use Sencor antenna cable SAV 153-150 and Sencor connector SAV 129-000.
Outdoor TV Antennas

Technical description

Version Outdoor
Tuner bands UHF/VHF
Gain 25 dB
RF impedance 75 Ohm
Adjustable Mechanical
DVB-T support
Colour Grey


Manual /CZ/
Manual /RO/
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