Pedestal Fans

SFN 3040BK Pedestal Fan 3D UltraSilent 12

  • Ultra Quiet BLDC Motor  (8 Speeds, 31-48 dB)
  • Automatic 90° Horizontal & Vertical Swing
  • Sencor HOME

Pedestal Fan 3D UltraSilent 12

  • Ultra Quiet BLDC Motor  (8 Speeds, 31-48 dB)
  • Automatic 90° Horizontal & Vertical Swing
  • Sencor HOME

Do you have any idea how loud the silence is?

Normal silence is only slightly quieter than this super powerful yet super quiet fan. It has 8 speeds and only makes 31 dB of noise at the lowest speed. Only at full power, if you wish to blow air at 6.5 m/s, you will hear up to 48 dB of whirring. Most of the time it operates at levels that are referred to as “relative silence” in ordinary rooms. This fan is really quiet.

Air flow in all directions

It's elegant and understated. It has a height of 90 cm, a little more than its smaller brother SFN 2540WH. It will not be visually distracting in the bedroom, living room or study. I'll be unobtrusive. Yet it refreshes the whole room with ease. The 9 blades of the 30 cm head offer a flow of up to 6.5 m/s at maximum power. In addition, the fan head can move automatically in both axes up to 90°. It distributes fresh air evenly throughout the room.

Is it time to turn me on? Is it time to shut me down?

The fan primarily shows the temperature in its surroundings on its display. You can check at a glance if it's time to switch it on. Either directly on the control panel located on its base or by remote control.
Or conveniently from the Sencor HOME app on your smartphone, which is always close at hand. There is no need to worry about the application and installation of the control panel. The combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip helps you find and pair your device the first time you use it. And even further use is very comfortable.
Because our UltraSilent series fans are so quiet, it's easy to forget they're running. That's why they have a timer where you set how long it takes for them to turn off again. This is so they don't disturb you from sleeping with their quiet whirring, or run unnecessarily when you leave.


Set up your silent fan to suit your needs. It has 8 speeds and adjustable oscillation angles in each direction. In addition, there are 4 operating modes.
You probably won't be surprised by the “Normal” mode, once switched on and set up I will maintain the selected speed and rotate the fan at the selected angles.
In “Turbo” mode, the fan will run at full power, which is ideal if it's really hot and you need to do something quickly.
In the “Natural” mode, the fan will simulate a natural breeze and change the airflow speed at short intervals, just as the wind does in the garden. Don't underestimate it, if it is supposed to blow directly at you, the constant and continuous airflow can be uncomfortable and unhealthy.
In the “Smart ECO” mode, the fan uses its thermometer and varies the power depending on the room temperature. It combines all its strengths to give you the best mix of quietness and performance.

BLDC motor

No expense has been spared here, the BLDC motor is the best you can have in a fan today. Such a motor is not only quiet, but also efficient and economical. It only needs 26 watts, yet it can still make a decent draft. Compared to conventional fans with a conventional copper motor, and even more so to those with an aluminium motor, a BLDC motor has many advantages – higher efficiency, reliability and durability, lower maintenance requirements and lighter weight.

Main Advantages

Ultra Quiet and Reliable BLDC Motor
8 Wind Speed Levels
4 Operating Modes (Normal / Turbo / Natural / Smart ECO)
Automatic 90° Horizontal & Vertical Swing
12 Hours Timer
Sencor HOME App Control (iOS & Android)

Functions and Features

9-Blade Fan with Diameter of 30 cm
Detachable Front Grill for Easy Cleaning
Remote Control
Room Temperature Display
Hi Speed 6.5 m/s
Maximum air flow of the fan 32.4 m3/min
Operation value 1.42(m3/min)/W
Noise Level: 31-48 dB
Input Power: 26 W

Weight and Dimensions

Height: 90 cm
Pedestal diameter: 34 cm
Weight: 2.94 kg

Technical Description

Maximum power input                 26 W
Setup levels                                      8
Blades                                                 9
Basket diameter                              30 cm
App Control                                       Sencor HOME
Overheating protection                Yes        
Vertical Auto Swing                       90°
Horizontal Auto Swing                  90°
Hi Speed                                             up to 6.5 m/s
Noise Level:                                       31-48 dB
Height                                                 90 cm
Width                                                  34 cm
Depth                                                  33 cm
Weight                                                2.94 kg
Colour                                                 Dark with Grey
Pedestal Fans

Technical description

Placement Standing
Fan diameter 30 cm
Speeds (degrees) 8
Height adjustable NO
Horizontal rotation Yes
Vertical tilting Yes
Power input (W) 26 W
Height (cm) 90 cm
Width (cm) 34 cm
Depth (cm) 33 cm
Colour Grey
Weight 2,9 kg


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