SRV 4250SL Robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Ideal for cleaning carpets, floating floors, parquet floors, linoleum, floor tiles, etc.
  • Infrared anti-impact front sensor
  • Very quiet operation suitable for household pets
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4999.00 €

My high capacity battery provides me with great durability.

The battery and I complement each other! The battery has a great capacity of 2600 mAh  and thanks to it  I can clean up an area up to 120 m2  for a relatively long time,  up to 120 min. This is a level of cooperation that one simply does not refuse!

Ideal for cleaning carpets, floating floors, parquet floors, linoleum, floor tiles, etc.
Infrared anti-impact front sensor
Very quiet operation suitable for household pets
BLDC motor for long lifetime

Two rotary brush central vacuum cleaner system:

  • Powerful central vacuum cleaner with combination rotary brush is also ideal for vacuuming carpets and hard floors
  • Rotary side brushes for perfect cleaning in the corners

Wide range of sensors

  • Bumper bar sensor for detection of obstacles
  • Stair sensor for worry-free use also in multi-floor buildings
  • Sensor for accurate navigation for automatic return to the docking station

"Mop" function

  • Wet wiping option

Water tank and wiping cloth included
Water flow controlled using electric pump
Combines 4 programs for cleaning maximum area:
Along the Wall (movement along the wall)
Spot (spot cleaning for an area of 2 m2)
Random (movement in a random direction)
Linear (ZigZag)
Variable timer settings (automatic start of cleaning on a set day, hour and minute):
Only one day in the week
Multiple days in the week
Only working days
Only weekends
Operating time of up to 120 minutes per single charge
Remote control using a separate remote control
Remote controlled using WiFi mobile phone application
Charging station with a wall or furniture mount option
Automatic return to the charging station after the completion of the program
Automatic return to the charging station when the battery becomes weak
Automatic shut-off if the wheels become blocked
Can travel over a door sill that is up to 1.5 cm in height
Automatic service monitoring with warning messages shown on the remote control display
Status indicator light on the vacuum cleaner body (stand-by mode, charging, fully charged)
2 dust containers:
container only for dry vacuuming  - 475 ml of dust
combination container for wiping - 240 ml for dust & 230 ml water tank
Battery: 2,600 mAh, Li-ion (fully charged after approx. 5 hours)
Noise level: <60 dB


Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Technical description

Noise level 60 dB
Wet cleaning
Battery life 120 min
Charging time 5 h
Docking station
Height 7,9 cm
Width 33,5 cm
Depth 33,5 cm
Colour Black/Silver


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