SLL 12 Rubberized Flashlight

  • All Rubber Torch, Water and Dust Resistant
  • 10 m Afterglow
  • 3x D (R20) batteries - big mono
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Quality water and dust resistant rubberised flashlight with 3 powerful LED diodes, which ensure a strong beam of light and long life
This flashlight is an ideal tool for use at home and outdoors in all weather conditions
3 high-luminance LED diodes
Resistant to moisture and dust
Afterglow: 10 m
Luminoux flux: 15 m
Power supply: 4.5V, 3 x D (R20)
Diode lifetime : up to100 000 h
Lightening duration (continuous): with LR20 - 90 h.
LED Flashlights

Technical description

Use Manual
Light bulb LED
Power R20


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