SCOOTER X50 Scooter

  • Maximum Speed up to 25km/h
  • Distance Range up to 65km
  • Front and Rear Suspension
Front & Rear wheels suspension for maximum riding comfort
800W motor provide maximum speed up to 25km/h and climbing up to 15°
With 864Wh (18Ah/48V) Li-ion battery you can reach distance up to 60km
SENCOR HOME (Tuya) application available on Google Play or Apple APP store
Aluminium construction for high resistance and load capacity up to 120kg
Cruise control, LED and Turn lights lndicators, Electrical and mechanical break and 10" tubeless tyres with gel for healing a defect in tire

Scooter is possible easy fold to compact size


Off road? Of course.

Do you want to drive out of asphalt roads? Do you want to experience a real adrenaline rush and ride almost any terrain? Scooter X50, which is equipped with swinging front and rear wheel suspension, is the best solution for you. Suspension helps reduce shock and vibration and increases the scooter's ability to adapt to different terrains, improving stability and control while riding, as well as protecting the scooter from damage. The fully-suspended scooter in combination with tubeless tires ensures the most perfect comfort. The combination of this equipment ensures a comfortable and safe ride for anyone looking for a reliable electric scooter.

Good battery, good performance

With the powerful 800 W motor you can achieve maximum speed up to 25km/h on roads and up to 35 km/h outside them (necessity to switch off the speed limiter, see instructions at*). It draws energy from a high-capacity 18 Ah/48 V (864 Wh) rechargeable battery with a maximum range of up to 65 km. Would you rather save battery? Select STANDARD mode. Do you want to experience real speed? Select SPORT mode. Of course, there is an integrated cruise control that will help you maintain your speed, and you can fully focus on driving.

Clear information, enough light

With a large, clear and easy-to-read display, you will have all the information you need clearly in one place. There is also information about speed, selected driving mode, battery status and LED light indicator. LED lighting will illuminate your path and make you unmissable. When changing the direction of travel, you can use the built-in blinkers.

Sophisticated tires, safety first

Your comfort is ensured by 10" tubeless tires with an off-road pattern and good damping properties. Thanks to the tire puncture gel, you don't have to worry about this unpleasant situation that could end your ride soon. The swing suspension of both wheels will make your ride absolutely For increased safety, the scooter is equipped with a dual braking system – electric with the help of the motor and mechanical through the disc brakes.

One app, many functions

With the new Tuya SENCOR HOME app compatible with this scooter, you can do almost anything. For example, you can lock the scooter against theft, monitor the total or current distance traveled, battery status, estimated range and other useful information. There is also a display of the current speed. The application is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Key Specification

Maximum Speed up to 25km/h
Distance Range up to 65km
Front and Rear Suspension
Aluminium Construction
SENCOR HOME Application Available on Google Play and APP Store
LED Light - Front and Rear
LED Display (Mode, Speed, Battery, Lighting, Bluetooth)
Turn Lights Indicators


Motor power 800W
- SPORT Mode up to 25km/h
- STD Mode up to 20km/h
- ECO Mode up to 10km/h
- WALK Mode up to 6km/h
Range up to 65km at 80kg
Cruise Control
Maximum Angle of Climb up to 15°


10" Front and Rear Tubless Tires
Anti-Puncture Gel in Tires
Dual Braking System - Electrical and Mechanical
Disc Brakes
Front and Rear Suspension

Application SENCOR HOME

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play
Security Lock by Application
Bluetooth 5.0

Technical Parameters

Maximum Load Weight 120Kg
Size: 123 x 65 x 135cm (unfolded)
Size: 123 x 65 x 52cm (folded)
Weight: 25kg
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature: 0 to 45°C
Noise level <70 dB (A)


Input Voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Input Current: 2A
Output Voltage: 54.6V
Connector: Φ 12.3 x 10mm


Capacity:  864W - 18Ah/48V Li-ion
Charging Time: up to 10 hours
Protection Against: Short Circuit, Overvoltage, Overcharging
Battery protection against excessive discharge
* The scooter is equipped with a speed limiter from the factory, which limits its maximum design speed to 25 km/h in order to meet the conditions for its operation on roads. Only electric scooters with a power of up to 1000 W and a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h can be used on public roads. Detailed information regarding this issue can be found in Annex 8 of Decree No. 153/2023 Coll., on the approval of technical competence and on the technical conditions of vehicle operation. The scooter fulfills the conditions set by the decree exclusively with the speed limiter on. The speed limiter can be deactivated exclusively for the use of the scooter off-road, in places such as closed circuits or private land. In the event that the speed limiter is disabled, the scooter is considered a motor vehicle unfit for use on roads with all the resulting consequences, and its operator is responsible for ensuring that it is used exclusively off-road and that the speed limiter is re-engaged before using it on roads . At the same time, please note that registration of an electric scooter as a motor vehicle is not possible. Furthermore, we draw your attention to the obligation to take out liability insurance in the event that the speed limiter is disabled and the scooter is operated anywhere outside premises or objects that are closed or, in accordance with the law, inaccessible to the public.
The validity of the aforementioned text applies to operation on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Technical description

Load capacity 120 kg
Motor power (W) 800 W
Maximum Speed 25 km/h
Maximum range 65 km
Charging time 10 h
Battery capacity 18 Ah
Colour Black
Height (cm) 123 cm
Width (cm) 65 cm
Depth (cm) 135 cm
Weight 25,7 kg


Application manual
Manual /EN/
Manual /CZ/
Manual /PL/
Manual /HU/
Manual /SK/
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