SPR 6100BK Multi & Slow Cooker

  • 5.5-litre capacity is sufficient for entire family
  • 3 adjustable modes for standard cooking
  • 2 adjustable modes for slow cooking
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2999.00 €

Cooking bowl

  • 5.5-litre capacity is sufficient for entire family
  • PFOA-free layer with technology for preventing food from sticking 
  • Bowl wall from 3mm-thick aluminium alloy
  • Can be placed in a refrigerator
  • Can be used in an oven
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher. 

3 adjustable modes for standard cooking

  • LOW – for gentle cooking or stewing
  • MID - for perfect frying, e.g. onions
  • HIGH - for searing, e.g. sealing meat

2 adjustable modes for slow cooking
Very slow cooking for tough meat cuts
Slow cooking for tender meat cuts
Baking function with adjustable temperature (120 – 220°C) and time (0:05 – 6:00)
Keep warm function for maintaining the meal serving temperature with a time setting option (up to 6 hours)
Digital LED control panel ensures most comfortable cooking
Steam basket from stainless steel for cooking fish, dumplings and vegetables in steam and retaining maximum nutrients
Steam basket is made from premium stainless steel ensuring a long lifetime and corrosion resistance
Heat resistant handle prevents any burns and enables the handling of the hot cooker while cooking without requiring the use of kitchen gloves
Lid made from hardened glass ensures a long lifetime
Sealed lid helps maintain a constant temperature
Elegant design suitable for every kitchen
Excellent for cooking soups, goulash, jam, lamb, beef, vegetables, eggs, etc.
Slow cooking
a new cooking method that retains all flavours 
does not require the use of oil 
saves time and money
enables cheaper cuts of meat to be used to prepare outstanding meals
prevents any burning because it does not require the high cooking temperatures at which food burns
reduces water consumption because the meal is cooked in a single bowl

7 reasons for cooking in a slow cooker

  • Simplicity – simply put all the ingredients into the bowl and allow it to do all the work.
  • Saves water and power – the special aluminium alloy construction of the cooker enables more effective heat transfer than traditional ceramic pots to reduce power consumption
  • Saves time – simply place all the ingredients into the cooker and let it do all the cooking.
  • Intense flavours and no vitamin loss – unlike with standard cooking, by cooking slowly at low temperatures flavours and vitamins are retained
  • Juicy meat – when slow cooking, juices stay inside the meat
  • Option to cook tough meat cuts – traditionally tough meat cuts are outstanding when slow cooked
  • Fat-free cooking – thanks to low temperatures, oil is not needed and therefore meals are lighter and even taste better

Included contents: Slow cooker with bowl, steam pot, protective kitchen gloves 


Electric Pots & Rice Cookers

Technical description

Temperature control
Power input 1 200 W
Colour Black


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