SLL 60 12 LED Table Lamp

  • Flexible metal neck
  • 15 m Afterglow
  • 3x AAA (R03) - cell batteries
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Stylish compact table lamp with 12 highly luminous LED diodes
Flexible metal neck provides excellent handling
Ideal for efficient lighting everywhere we cannot or do not want to use the power of the network
12 highly luminous LED diodes
Afterglow: 15 m
Luminous flux: 48 lm
Power consumption: 4.5V, 3x AAA (R03)
Diode lifetime : up to 100 000 h
Lightening duration (continuous): with LR03 - 15 h
LED Flashlights

Technical description

Use Desktop
Light bulb LED
Power R03


Declaration of Conformity /HR/
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