SVX 200CL Vacuum Foil

  • Vacuum Foil, Compatible with SVS 4010SS, SVS 1010WH, SVS 3010GY, 3 rolls 20x300 cm

Vacuum Foil

Compatible with 
  • SVS 4010SS
  • SVS 1010WH
  • SVS 3010GY

High-quality Vacuum Foil for Food
Prolonging Freshness of Your Food in Fridge or Freezer
Prolonging due date up to 5 times
Perfect for freezing fresh meet
Microwave oven compatible
3 rolls 20 x 300 cm
Vacuum Sealers

Technical description

Dimensions 200×3000 mm
Colour White
Width (cm) 20 cm
Depth (cm) 300 cm


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