SVC 3001 ORCA Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Aluminium telescopic tube
  • Suction power 250 W
  • 5-step filtration system
Max. power input 1400 W
Nominal power input 1200 W
Suction power 250 W
Noise level: < 77 dB
Aluminium telescopic tube
Washable inflow microfilter
Washable outflow microfilter
Thermostat (thermal fuse) prevents motor from overheating
Soft Start function (does not overload the el. grid during motor startup
Rubber coated wheels for easier handling and protection of floating floors
5-step filtration system
1 docking position for the floor nozzle
Radius of operation 7.5 m (length of power cord 5 m)
Automatic cord winding
Electronically controlled suction power
Universal floor nozzle with an extensible brush
Special nozzle for vacuuming water
Supplied accessories: slot nozzle, nozzle for upholstery, brush nozzle, textile bag
Volume of dust bag: 7.5 l
Volume of container for wet vacuuming: 16 l
Total volume of the container: 30 l
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 374 x 425 x 490 mm
Weight: 7.9 kg
Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaners

Technical description

Power input (W) 1 400 W
Noise level 77 dB
Tubes Teleskopic Metal
Wet cleaning
Shampooing No
Filtration level 5
HEPA filter
Washable output filter
Filter clogging indication
Turbo brush No
Parquet nozzle
Upholstering nozzle
Slotted nozzle
Dust brush
Window washing nozzle No
Cable length 5
Radius of operation 7,5 m
Power control
Bag/container capacity 30 l
Height (cm) 49 cm
Width (cm) 37,4 cm
Depth (cm) 42,5 cm
Colour Yellow
Weight 7,9 kg


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