SWK 1749BK Electric Kettle

  • Volume 1.7 L
  • Power Input: 2 200 W
  • Central 360° STRIX Connector with Triple Safety System

I can boil up to 1.7 liters of water very quickly

As an electric kettle, I have become an essential part of all households. Now Sencor offers me as practical and elegant in black and white that fits perfectly in any kitchen. With a capacity of 1.7 liters, I can quickly boil water for a larger family or unexpected visit with a high power input of up to 2200 W. Since I work very fast, I save a lot of electricity. 

I have a high quality body structure

I am made of first-class material that is BPA safe and thanks to its high durability it enables me a long service life. My body is ergonomically shaped and includes a perfectly visible water indicator to always make sure I prepare the quantity according to your wish.

I always have a super overview thanks to the light indicator

As soon as you turn on me, I turn on the light automatically. When the water heating is finished, I turn off the light to indicate that the water heating is complete. It is great, because thanks to the light warning I become a nice kettle for deaf users.

I enable easy and quick maintenance

There is a hidden heating coil in the base, which allows me extremely easy maintenance and minimizes the formation of calcium deposits. The filter retains the calcium deposits, preventing it from pouring into the cup while you are preparing a drink. The big advantage of my filter is that it can be easily removed, cleaned and put back. 

I am extremely safe with a triple safety !

A safeguard against overheating if I'm running on empty looks after my safety. I immediately switch off when you remove me from the attachment and of course I also have an automatic switch off after heating. With all these features and qualities, I am a wonderful helper to all households.

Volume 1.7 L
Power Input: 2 200 W
Central 360° STRIX Connector with Triple Safety System
No Steam Tube for Easy Cleaning
Removable Dirt and Limescale Filter
Power Indicator Light
Automatic Opening-Lid
BPA Free
Weight without Base: 670 g


Electric Kettles

Technical description

Volume 1,7 l
Filter Yes
Temperature control No
Hidden heating element Yes
Operation indicator Yes
Container material Plastic
Power input (W) 2 200 W
Colour Black


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