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STM 7310SL Stand mixer

  • Extremely powerful 1,200W motor with 6- year warranty
  • Robust full-metal body with metal gears
  • 2-Hub design
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As opposed to a number of other brands, Sencor uses motors with all-copper windings in its appliances. As a result, they can achieve high rotation speeds with no impact on their life, and so with selected models we even offer a 6-year warranty.

I have been created as a food processor with a power output of 1200 W for your kitchen.

I take pride in a really great performance that will amaze you. I am multi-purpose and I can replace the function of several appliances in the kitchen. I have a wide selection of diverse accessories and truly everyone will find what they are looking for. Plus, I'm really handsome! My body is all-metal with metal gears that look irresistible.

6-year motor warranty

Sencor made me with an extremely powerful and durable motor that has copper winding for reaching high speeds. The quality of my engine is high, but if anything goes wrong, I have a 6 year warranty on it.

I have 2 output structures and a bayonet system for the easy assembly of attachments

It is thanks to the cleverly placed structures that I can attach various attachments on top of each other, with which I can enrich your home and thus save you a lot of time and effort. I can mix, whisk, make pasta, sweets, grate, slice but also juice. The bayonet system is very useful, helping me to assemble and deploy all of my attachments quickly and easily.

I have the Sencor Smart Power & Energy function to ensure the best speed

I think we can agree that the right speed functioning of a food processor is essential for top results! The Sencor Smart Power & Energy function gives me the optimum speed with a gradual start and with the rotary control I can easily operate eight speeds and the Pulse switch, with which I achieve maximum power virtually instantly. I can thus prepare a wide range of different dishes!

The Planetary system for kneading, mixing and whipping is simply fantastic!

The manual processing of doughs, creams and egg whites is demanding for both time and energy. But that's what I'm here for, your helper! All you have to do is throw the food products into me and I do all the work for you, you just set the speed you need. Thanks to the Planetary system, I rotate the head in both directions at the same time, thus ensuring the perfect mixing of all food products without any residue or lumps. Isn't that amazing?

My accessories are really diverse!

I am equipped with two containers of 4.5 l and 5 l. So there is no risk that I would not please even a larger family. The containers are high quality, durable, made of stainless steel and with their own closure. Thanks to 4 interchangeable attachments for mixing, kneading and whipping, I can prepare many different doughs from the finest to the thickest. Cakes, homemade bread and pasta, creams, toppings, mayonnaise. Nothing surprises me!

Safety is very important to me!

That's why Sencor equipped me with several safety features.
  • 1. The locking latch is used to prevent me from spontaneously starting in the tilted position.
  • 2. At the bottom I have non-slip feet, with which I am super stable and I do not move out of place. even at maximum speed.
  • 3. Overheating protection is a matter of course.

Extremely powerful 1,200W motor with 6- year warranty
Robust full-metal body with metal gears
2-Hub design
Sencor Smart Power & Energy – for optimal speed
4.5-litre and 5 litre stainless steel bowls with measuring scale
3 attachments for kneading, beating and light doughs
Special FLEXI kneading beater suitable for fine doughs
Food Mixers

Technical description

Power input (W) 1 200 W
Bowl (dough) capacity 2,7 kg
Container material Stainless Steel
Kneading Yes
Whisking Yes
Chopping / cutting No
Grating No
Meat grinder No
Juicer No
Mixer No
Citrus juice press No
Display No
Speeds (degrees) 8
Speed control Yes
Impulse switch No
Storage compartment No
Noise level 77 dB
Height (cm) 36 cm
Width (cm) 32 cm
Depth (cm) 17 cm
Colour Silver
Weight 10 kg


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