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SCF 4240WH Smart Glass Convection Heater Wi-Fi

  • Sencor HOME application (iOS / Android)
  • power up to 2000 W
  • for use as free standing or wall-mounted

Smart Glass Convection Heater Wi-Fi

This is the Sencor SCF 424x Series glass heat convector, which will provide plenty of heat in any room. It is available in black and white. In the living room you'll appreciate the sleek design and the quality tempered glass front, in the bedroom you'll appreciate its discreetness and the ability to turn off the large display so it doesn't disturb you when you fall asleep. It effectively resists water and humidity within the IP24 protection, so it is also suitable for rooms with higher humidity.

Comfortable Control Also Thanks to the Sencor HOME App

The heater is easily adjusted using the touch controls below the display directly on the heater body. Or use the remote control.
And if you can't get to the heater because you're watching a thrilling movie, or if you're not at home and want to return to your heated room, you can conveniently set everything up on the control panel in the Sencor HOME app. With it, you'll warm up immediately after coming home from work or a trip and still have accurate information about the home temperature wherever you're within range of the data connection on your phone.

I Work Efficiently

The convector heats with an X-shaped aluminium heating element that heats up lightning fast and is efficient at the same time! The heater offers 3 operating modes, Eco, Comfort and Antifrost, and a power output of up to 2,000W. The thermostat of the convector allows precise temperature adjustment with more than enough margin between 5°C and 50°C.
Antifrost mode ensures that the temperature around the heater does not drop below 5°C. If this happens, the heater will switch on at maximum power and maintain the maximum power until the temperature rises to at least 7°C.

The Sencor HOME App Offers Not Only a Timer, but Also Many Other Settings

There is a 24 hour timer. And more convenient and detailed options for setting weekly scenarios in the Sencor HOME app interface.

I Ensure Safe Operation

What is more important than safety? We take it seriously. So our glass heater is equipped with a double thermal safety device to prevent overheating and freezing. Optionally, you can switch on the open window detection function – when you ventilate, you won't be heating unnecessarily. The child safety lock protects against the curiosity of our little ones.

My Main Strengths

  • X-shaped aluminium heating element ensures fast heating and efficient operation
  • Wi-Fi control via the Sencor HOME mobile app with combined Bluetooth & Wi-Fi chip for completely easy installation of the control panel on your smartphone
  • Front panel is made of durable tempered glass
  • 2 installation options – wall mounted or on legs in open space…

Functions and Features

  • The convector is made of durable tempered glass, which is both sleek and very practical
  • X-shaped aluminium heating element ensures fast heating and economical operation
  • Adjustable temperature range: 5°C − 50°C
  • The clear, large LCD touchscreen makes it easy to use, but you can easily turn off the backlight to avoid distractions
  • The Sencor HOME mobile app with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth support for easier installation provides a perfect overview of the room temperature, convenient temperature settings and detailed settings for weekly timings and other scenarios
  • IP24 protection rating makes it suitable for wet areas
  • Multi-stage safety features include overheat and freeze protection, child lock
  • The energy efficiency is also improved by an open window sensor, which switches off the device if it detects a significant drop in temperature.


2 installation options

  • Convenient wall-mounted installation on wall brackets (included)
  • Free-standing on feet (in package)


  • Open window detection function
  • IP24 protection class
  • Safety fuse against overheating
  • Frost protection
  • Child safety lock


  • Convection heater unit
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Standing feet
  • Remote control

Dimensions and specifications

  • Power input: low power 2 000 W
  • Temperature range: 5–50 °C
  • Protection level: IP24
  • Dimensions: 78 × 22.5 × 51.5 cm
  • Weight: 6.7 kg

Technical description

  • Maximum power input 2 000 W
  • Temperature range:       5–50 °C
  • Modes                                 3 (ECO / Comfort / Antifrost)
  • App Control                       Sencor HOME
  • Remote Control               Yes
  • Thermostat                        Yes
  • Timer                                   24 hours
  • Display                                 Big LED with White Digits
  • Sleep Mode (Display)    Yes
  • Free Standing                   Yes
  • Wall-mounted Brackets Yes
  • IP24                                      Yes
  • Open Window Detect Function Yes
  • Over-heat Protection    Yes
  • Frost Protection              Yes
  • Child Safety Lock             Yes
  • Classic Rocker Switch     Yes
  • Height                                  51.5 cm
  • Width                                   78 cm
  • Depth                                   22.5 cm
  • Weight                                6.7 kg
  • Colour                                  White / Black
Hot Air Convectors

Technical description

With application Yes
Maximum power input 2 000 W
Thermostat Yes
Height (cm) 51,5 cm
Width (cm) 78 cm
Depth (cm) 22,5 cm
Colour White
Weight 6,7 kg


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