SAC MT1411C Mobile Air Conditioner

  • Cooling Power 14 000 BTU/h
  • Max. room size: 53 m2 / 138 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m) 
  • 3 operating modes

I am a SAC MT1411C mobile air conditioner from Sencor.

Say "farewell" to unpleasant heat and enjoy the great feeling of cool refreshment! As a mobile air conditioner from Sencor, I offer quality cooling in an eye-catching design that flatters home and office interiors. Allows easy carrying with a handle and 4 integrated wheels for both men and women. Sencor placed emphasis on the efficiency of my operation as well as ecological operation. For cooling, I use a highly efficient ecological coolant that is natural and therefore environmentally friendly. I am also energy efficient because I am in the A + energy class Try mobile air conditioning that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

I boast powerful cooling up to 14,000 BTU.

One of my advantages is low purchase costs and no need for complicated installation. My accessories include all the components you need to quickly and easily assemble me without the need for professional service. I can be used in a house, apartment, office or cottage this way. I excel in high and efficient cooling capacity of up to 14,000 BTU and effectively disperse a cooling breeze. I will also surely surprise people with my quiet operation. At maximum load, my output is only 65 dB (A).

With 3 modes, I can effectively cool up to 53 m².

I can meet the expectations of even more demanding users. I ensure the ideal temperature for your household, whether you are sleeping or working. You can choose from three operating modes according to your preferences and needs. Provides cooling, dehumidification and ventilation mode in several stages, from low to the strongest. I will create a comfortable room climate from 17 to 30 ° C to achieve optimum temperature for all users. With the dehumidification mode, I ensure light and fresh air, and of course I also provide separate ventilation operation, which is great if it is not so hot outside. Max. room size: 53 m2 / 138 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m) 

Take advantage of several of my useful features.

I will ensure that your home will be pleasant even after arriving from work or from a trip. I enable dual control that is simple and intuitive! You can select modes and many practical functions with the remote control or control panel. And what features do I offer?
  • 1. Timing function - I'm equipped with a timer that I use in two ways. I set the on and off time. This allows you to freely select the time you want me to be up and running.
  • 2. SLEEP function - The SLEEP function allows me to work considerately, but still efficiently when you want to relax or sleep.
  • 3. ECO function - I automatically adjust the intensity of the cold air to the selected temperature to maintain efficient and economical operation.
  • 4. I automatically remember the last mode set - Whenever you start me again, I automatically set the last activated mode and temperature level, so you don't have to worry about anything.
  • 5. Condensate self-evaporation function - You do not have to worry about pouring water from the condensate. Its drainage is provided by self-evaporation while maintaining an optimum humidity in the room.

Functions and properties

Mobile Air Conditioner is Particularly Suitable as an Immediate Solution to Air Conditioning Requirements without the Need for a Demanding and Financially Expensive Installation.
Ideal for Areas where Building Alterations are not Possible (Rented Premises, Historical Buildings, etc.)
Minimal Requirements for Regular Maintenance without Need for Professional Servicing (only Washing of Filters)
Cooling Power: 14 000 BTU/h
Max. room size: 53 m2 / 138 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m) 

3 operating modes:

  • Cooling
  • Dehumidification (90 l/day)
  • Independent fan

Ecological Refrigerant R290 (Natural High Efficiency Gas, Propane R290, which Has no Greenhouse Emissions)
Energy Class A
Three Washable Air Filters Eliminate Swirling of Dust and Filter out Mechanical Particles
Temperature Setting Range of 17 – 30 °C in the Cooling Mode
4 Speed Levels (Low, Medium, High and Automatic)

Control panel with LED display indicates:

  • Set Temperature
  • Cooling Mode
  • Drying Mode
  • Independent Fan Mode
  • Automatic Mode
  • SLEEP mode (Sleep)
  • ECO Mode
  • Fan Speed (High, Middle, Low)
  • Timer Setting
Remote control with LCD display
24-hour automatic start / shut off timer in 30-minute increments (in the 0.5 – 10 hour range) and in 1-hour increments (in the 10 – 24 hour range)
Night-time SLEEP mode with silent operation prevents overexposure to cold during sleep
Function for automatically setting the last selected mode on restart
Four travel wheels and an integrated handle for easy handling
Function for automatically starting and resuming the last selected mode after an el. power outage

Three options for expelling hot air from the room:

  • through a wall
  • through a window opening to the left or right
  • through a vertical sliding window

Self-evaporating condensate function:

  • under normal conditions, there is no need to pour out the condensate
  • operation does not reduce the humidity in the room (air is not dried out)

Built-in condensate water tank (volume 1 litre) with a drain outlet and optical full indicator (in the event of extremely high humidity in the room above the capacity limit of the self-evaporating system)
Automatic shut off protection function in the event that the water tank fills up with condensate
Compressor frost protection function
Error self-diagnosis displayed on the screen

Supplied accessories:

  • remote control (including 2 x 1.5V AAA type batteries)
  • variable-length flexible hose for expelling hot air
  • connector for connecting the flexible hose to the air conditioning unit
  • connector for connecting the flexible hose in wall
  • flexible hose end for installation into a window
  • suction cups for attachment to a window
  • adjustable-width attachment for a slide window
  • 600 mm condensate drainage hose


Mobile Air-Conditioning

Technical description

Energy class A
Cooling power input (W) 1 890 W
Cooling power output (BTU/h) 14 000 BTU/h
Air flow volume 420 m3/h
Applicable space 53 m2
Remote control YES
Timer Yes
Coolant R 290
Mobile Yes
Height (cm) 76,9 cm
Width (cm) 48,1 cm
Depth (cm) 39,2 cm
Colour White
Weight 35 kg


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