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SAC MT9079CH Wi-Fi AllSeasons Portable Air Conditioner

  • A++ / A+++ - very economical operation
  • Cooling power 9,000 BTU/h, heating power 8,000 BTU/h
  • Max. room dimensions: 35 m2 / 91 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m)
  • 5 operating modes, including a Heating function and 4 speeds

Wi-Fi AllSeasons Portable Air Conditioner

  • A++ / A+++ - very economical operation
  • Cooling power 9,000 BTU/h, heating power 8,000 BTU/h
  • Max. room dimensions: 35 m2 / 91 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m)
  • 5 operating modes, including a Heating function and 4 speeds
  • Rich set of accessories for perfect extraction of hot air from an air conditioned room

Sencor SAC MT9079CH Wi-Fi AllSeasons portable air conditioner

What do you need to maintain the ideal climate in your home, your cottage or office? A good, well-thought-out air conditioner. One that is supplied with all the necessary accessories for the air exhaust and the sealing of windows. One that is easy to control and where the remote control will always be on hand, no matter where you are. And one that will be as economical and friendly to you as possible but also will be gentle on the environment as well as on your wallet.

For every situation, for every season

The Sencor SAC MT9079CH Wi-Fi AllSeason portable air conditioner can offer you its services all year round.
During summer it will cool down your home with minimum power consumption because it has an A++ rating. It offers a power output of 9 000 BTU/h and the desired temperature can be set in the range from 18 to 32 °C. In Central European conditions, this performance is sufficient for a room with an area of up to 35 m2. When cooling power is not required, it can pleasantly refresh your room and circulate the air with the Fan mode, the Speed can be easily set to a gentle whiff, a medium breeze or a full power gust. But do not fear, even at full power output, the sound level will be more than acceptable.
During winter with a performance rating of A+++ it will actually generate almost 4 Watts of heat (COP 3.8) per every 1 Watt of power input. At a power consumption of 600 Watts, it generates a heat output equivalent to a standard 2,300 Watt electric heater. The desired temperature can be set in the range from 13 to 27 °C.
When autumn arrives, nights start to be cold but the low daytime sunlight blasts the windows and can generate a significant amount of heat. No problem! The SMART mode can handle this and without any further settings can maintain a pleasant temperature in the range from 20 to 23 °C. The mode will automatically determine whether cooling or heating is needed.
And in spring, when the snow starts to thaw and the April rains raise the humidity levels, simply fully utilise the dehumidification mode. In this mode, the SAC MT9079CH is able to extract up to 14 litres of water from the air and thereby easily substitute for specialised appliances.
Simply put, this air conditioner will serve you all year round, adapting to specific conditions.

Extremely economical both in terms of ecology and power consumption

Efficient and ecological operation is even more true for this air conditioner than for all others. For cooling, it utilises the effective and highly ecological refrigerant R290, so it is as environmentally-friendly as possible.
We have placed maximum emphasis on the highest possible efficiency. For this reason, the air conditioner cools at an A++ energy rating and in the heating mode it even meets the parameters for the A+++ energy class. Try the portable air conditioner that takes both the environment and power savings into consideration.

Easy to setup, problem-free operation

A portable air conditioner is ideal for all locations and situations that require flexibility and easy and problem-free installation. The unit comes with all the necessary components that will enable you to quickly and easily create a pleasant temperature without requiring professional service technicians. It is ideally suited for use in family homes, apartments, offices but also in cottages.  

Sencor HOME - control with above-standard options

With our SAC MT9079CH AllSeasons air conditioner you can have a comfortable temperature at home immediately after coming home from work or an excursion. Control is simple and entirely intuitive, yet it offers several above-standard options. And it does not limit itself to only the control panel on the unit or to a standard remote control with a display.
The greatest degree of convenience and user comfort is available via the Sencor HOME application. A soon as you install this application on your smartphone (with Android or iOS), you will have the controls always on hand. Whether you are relaxing on your couch after a hard day or are just getting ready to leave home, you have your air conditioner fully under control.

And that's all? There's more

We should not forget about other useful functions that are available.
  1. TIMER function - for automatic turning on and off. In this way you can select any time when you want it to run even without the use of the Sencor HOME application.
  2. SLEEP function - the SLEEP function enables the unit to run gently and economically but still effectively at times when one wants to sleep or relax.
  3. TURBO function – for rapid cooling, with a single button on the remote control or set the maximum power level in the Sencor HOME application. The heat catastrophe will thus be mitigated with a single press of a button in the shortest possible time.
  4. Follow Me function - with the Follow Me function enabled, the remote control also acts as a remote thermostat. It senses the temperature where the remote control is and instructs the air conditioner how to adjust the power to reach the ideal temperature where you really need it (and not where the air conditioner is).

Main advantages

  • A++ class for cooling with a power output of 9,000 BTU/h
  • A+++ class for heating with a power output of 8,000 BTU/h
  • Max. room dimensions: 35 m2 / 91 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m)
  • Offers 5 operating modes, 4 speed settings and many useful functions


  • Excellent cooling power of 9,000 BTU/h in A++ energy class
  • Amazing heating power of 8,000 BTU/h in the extremely economical class A+++
  • Max. room dimensions: 35 m2 / 91 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m)
  • The air conditioner uses a highly effective refrigerant R290 that is friendly to the environment
  • Remote control with an LCD display and control via the Sencor HOME application
  • Easy to clean air filters on the air inlets and outlets eliminate the circulation of dust and captures mechanical particles, extends the lifespan of the air conditioner and prevents clogging of the air conditioner, which would reduce its performance.
  • Temperature setting range of 18-32 °C in the cooling mode
  • Temperature setting range of 13-27 °C in the heating mode
  • The installation of the air conditioner is simple and you can manage it in the comfort of your home

5 operating modes

  1. Cooling
  2. Dehumidification (14.4 l/day)
  3. Independent fan
  4. Heating
  5. Smart mode that maintains a temperature in the range 20-23 °C

4 fan speed level settings 

  1. High
  2. Medium
  3. Low
  4. Automatic

Intuitive control panel with a LED display shows

  • Set temperature
  • Cooling mode
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Independent fan mode
  • Heating mode
  • SLEEP mode (ensures quiet operation during sleep/relaxation and prevents hypothermia)
  • Fan speed (high, medium, low, automatic)
  • On/Off timer setting in one hour increments (1-24 h)
  • Information about Wi-Fi connection
The air conditioner enables easy handling with 4 integrated wheels and a carry handle.
The air conditioner comes with everything necessary for standard installation.

Three options for expelling hot air from the room

  1. Window open to the left or right
  2. Via an slide-out window
  3. Through the wall (however, that requires building modifications)
Built-in condensate water tank (volume 1.2 litre) with a drain outlet and optical full indicator (in the event of extremely high humidity in the room above the capacity limit of the self-evaporating system)
Automatic shut off protection function in the event that the water tank fills up with condensate
Compressor frost protection function


  • Portable air conditioner unit including inflow and outflow air filters.
  • Power cord
  • Remote control with LCD display
  • Sealing set for roof, wing and tilt-out windows, comprising of:
    • Textile barrier with zip 
    • A roll of self-adhesive Velcro zip
    • Plastic window set for sliding and roof windows
    • Wide flexible hot air exhaust hose 
    • Inflow and outflow hose adapters

Dimensions and specifications

  • Power source: 220-240 V~ / 50 Hz
  • Cooling power: 9,000 BTU/h
  • Heating power: 8,000 BTU/h
  • Total power input: 900 W
  • Electrical current draw: 5 A
  • Humidification performance: 14.4 l/day
  • Condensate tank capacity: 1.2 l
  • Coolant type and weight: R290 / 290 g
  • Air flow volume: 410 / 350 / 300 m3(high / medium / low)
  • Noise level: 64 dB (A)
  • Noise level in the speed modes: 50 / 48 / 47 dB(A) (high / medium / low)
  • Dimensions: 450 × 396 × 745 mm
  • Operating cooling temperature: 18–32 °C
  • Operating heating temperature: 13–27 °C
  • Max. room dimensions: 35 m2 / 91 m3 (ceiling height 2.6 m)

Technical description

Colour Black
Energy class A++ / A+++
Cooling power input 733 W
Cooling power output 9,000 BTU/h
Cooling power output 2,640 W
Heating power input 600 W
Heating power output 8,000 BTU/h
Heating power output 2,300 W
Air flow volume 410 m3/h
Applicable area 31–35 m2
Applicable area 80–91 m3
Sencor Home Yes
Remote control Yes
Timer On / Off
Refrigerant R 290
Portable Yes
Height 74.5 cm
Width 45 cm
Depth 39.6 cm
Weight 33 kg
Mobile Air-Conditioning

Technical description

With application Yes
Energy class A++
Cooling power input (W) 2 640 W
Cooling power output (BTU/h) 9 000 BTU/h
Air flow volume 410 m3/h
Applicable space 91 m2
Remote control YES
Timer Yes
Coolant R 290
Mobile Yes
Height (cm) 74,5 cm
Width (cm) 45 cm
Depth (cm) 39,6 cm
Colour Black
Weight 33 kg


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