SRV 9185BK Robotic vacuum cleaner

  • robotic vacuum cleaner including side brush and filters
  • automatic dust collection station including dust bag
  • power adapter
Sencor SRV 9185BK is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner that takes care of perfect vacuum cleaning of hard floors and carpets. It offers a mopping and vacuum cleaning function at the same time. With a powerful 3,000 Pa suction motor, you can rely on perfect results. The 2,600 mAh Li-Ion battery provides up to 140 minutes of operation on a single charge. The device is equipped with the function of automatic emptying of the dust container directly into the bag, which is located in the charging station. Thanks to the large capacity of the 3 l bag, you do not have to worry about emptying dirt for up to 60 days. Perfect orientation in the space is ensured by Lidar laser navigation and a number of smart sensors. You can use the remote control or the Sencor Home mobile app to control it. Simple Bluetooth pairing is possible.

Basic features:

• LiDAR laser navigation for orientation in space
• automatic emptying of the dust container
• 3,000 Pa suction power with increased performance on carpet
• premium 2,600 mAh Li-lon battery
• 4 suction intensity levels and 3 mopping intensity levels
• TOF sensor for precise wall cleaning
• Multi-rooming and Multi-mapping functions for effective cleaning planning
• easy operation in the Sencor HOME app or with the remote control
• smart impact and fall sensors

Included Contents

robotic vacuum cleaner including side brush and filters
automatic dust collection station including dust bag
power adapter
remote control
mopping attachment
3x mopping sleeve
spare side rotary brush
spare HEPA filter
2x spare dust bag
spare foam filter
cleaning brush
2 pcs of AAA batteries
Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Technical description

With application Yes
Suction power 3 000 W
Wet cleaning
Washable output filter
Filter clogging indication
Rotating brush
Battery life 140 min
Bag/container capacity 3 l
Colour Black


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Alkalina battery AAA
Alkalina battery AAA
Type: AAA micro pencil LR03, Packaging: 4BP, Version: Alkaline
Spare Battery Pack
SRX 0027
Spare Battery Pack
Spare Battery Pack for Robotic Vacuum Cleaner SRV 6450BK, SRV 6485BK, SRV 9120BK, SRV 9185BK
Auto Clean Station
SRX 0030
Auto Clean Station
Auto Clean Station for Robotic Vacuum Cleaner SRV 6450BK, SRV 6485BK, SRV 9120BK, SRV 9185BK. For 3L dust bag (SRX 0031).
SRX 0031
Compatable with SRV 9185BK, SRV 6485BK, SRX 0030, 5 bags ,Capacity 3 l
Set of Mopping Pads
SRX 9102
Set of Mopping Pads
Set of microfibre mop pads for SRV 9120BK, SRV 9185BK
Side Brushes
SRX 9103
Side Brushes
Compatable with SRV 9120BK, SRV 9185BK
2 side brushes
SRX 9104
1 pc of spare filter for robotic vacuum cleaner SRV 9120BK, SRV 9185BK
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