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SBL 7175RS Automatic Smoothie Maker

  • Two Preset Programs 45/60 seconds
  • A Unique 0,6L Sport Bottle Suitable for Wearing for Training
  • Special Vacuum Lid Maximazes Nutritients and Fresh Taste
49.90 €
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I'm a smoothie blender with an output of 800 W.

My power can be utilized in two programs. A lot of effort  was also put into my design! I will complement any interior with nine metallic colors, which makes every inch of me beautiful. 

Soft program for 45 sec

Perfect for soft fruits and vegetables. I can mix a delicious protein or milk drink.

Hard program for 60 sec

I am capable of mixing woody vegetables, ice, nuts (coarsely ground or into flour), cream soups or sauces. 

I show the whole mixing process on the LED indicator and turn off automatically when the program is over. 

Even at maximum power, I still place emphasis on safety.

I'm equipped with non-slip suction cups, so I hold firmly in place. 

I use 6 knives made of high quality stainless steel with a titanium coating to achieve a perfect performance. 

It is no coincidence that I am designed like this! Thanks to the quality with which my knives are manufactured, I prevent the loss of enzymes, vitamins and also keep the unwanted oxidation of beverages or food from occurring.

Take advantage of the vacuum lid.

By using my special vacuum lid, I keep beverages fresh for a long time while maintaining their true taste, and most of all with a maximum of vitamins, minerals and fiber for up to several hours. By using the lid, I extract air from the container for maximum beverage care whenever you need it fresh on the go.

I have ultra durable bottles made of TRITAN! 

I’ve joined forces with the American manufacturer EASTMAN to be even more efficient. My durable bottles are designed for any activity. My friends can really be transported or taken anywhere. They can fit in a bike bottle holder or in a car cup holder. The seal stays tight, whether clipped to the pants or just thrown in a bag. I mix both very cold as well as hot drinks in them, and they can be washed in the dishwasher over and over. Both of my partners are BPA free, so I don't have to worry about the release of hazardous substances, even at high temperatures or the absorption of odors and smells.

What is the Multicyclone Effect, which makes me special? 

I owe everything again to my bottles! They have a unique groove design and together with my knives, we can guarantee up to 60% better results than a conventional bottle smoothie blender. 

And what are my health benefits? 

Nutrients from blended raw materials are well absorbed and do not burden the stomach with complex mechanical processing, as with solid food. There is no loss of vitamins or fiber under the peel and everything is easily digestible. Excellent flu prevention in the winter months and a great source of energy in the summer. 

Functions and properties

Two Preset Programs 45/60 seconds: 

  • SOFT for Lights Cocktails (Fruits/ Vegetables as Strawberries and Tomatoes etc.) 
  • HARD (for Fruits/ Vegetables as Pineapple and Carrot)

A Unique 0,6L Sport Bottle Suitable for Wearing for Training
Special Vacuum Lid Maximazes Nutritients and Fresh Taste
Bottles Made From Impact-Resistant BPA Free TRITAN (PCTG)
Pulse Switch for Effective Blending

High Quality Removable Six Stainless Steel Blades with Titanium Coating 

  • Preventing Enzyme and Vitamin Loss
  • Reducing Nutri Smoothie Oxidation

Outstanding Stability Thanks to Suction Cups
Integrated Safety Mechanism and Anti-Slip Feet Ensure Maximum Safety During Use
Bottles Suitable for Car Cup Holder
Power Input: 800W
Smoothie Makers

Technical description

Power input (W) 800 W
Ice crusher YES
Speeds 2
Continuous control NO
Container material Tritan
Safety YES
Colour Pink


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