6/April 2018

Cottage owners are delighted

Cottage owners are delighted
A look out the window shows that spring is really here (or at least we hope). Temperatures are pleasant and warmer, and nature with its blossoms is making it known that spring is upon us. For many reasons, spring is a time of joy, new enthusiasm and fresh ideas.  People who own land with a garden or patio are delighted and are thinking about what to plant, move, repair, modify and build, i.e. they are looking for ways to liven up their land, cottage or house with a garden. But as good work demands good food, Sencor offers a new electric cooker or contact grill.
After the long winter, it's best to check the supplies in your pantry and especially to inspect your whole house and garden. Possible 'dings' on your facade or cladding must be repaired, windows and their seals must be checked, and wiring and electrical appliances should be inspected. Pay attention to damp outlets or extension cords. Any defect in this equipment could be fatal. Pay close attention and please check everything. With the SENCOR, you can preferably exchange everything. In this way you can be sure that nothing will happen, that the appliances are new, work well and always at a great price!

To protect more expensive appliances such as TVs, radios, set-up boxes and others, it is a good idea to buy a surge protector instead of a classic extension cord. The surge protector protects your appliances against large differences in voltage. The Sencor SSP 580 also has two USB ports for connecting various equipment – telephones, tablets and others. The SSP 580 surge protector also has a master-slave function that disconnects appliances from the power network after the control appliance is switched off. This function is important for energy savings.

If your electronics are already protected and it occurs to you that some of your appliances could be defective after several uses and the winter shutdown, or that they are not energy efficient, you can think about replacing them. One appliance you can replace with something new and safe is your hob. The SENCOR SCP 1503 is a single hob with an 18 cm plate equipped with a light signal and fluid temperature regulation.
The new intelligent SENCOR SBG 6030 intelligent contact grill is another food preparation helper. This contact grill with exchangeable plates can be used with 7 pre-set programmes or manually. For great steaks, simply buy good meat and the grill will handle the proper cooking time by recognising the thickness of the cut or by the chosen programme. You can then follow the grilling status on the LED screen and, for example, remove the meat when it is 'RARE' or just as you like it. The non-stick surface of the plates cleans up perfectly – just wipe it off with paper towel; they can also be removed and put into the dish washer. You can use this grill outdoors or in your kitchen when the weather is bad. Your neighbours will probably stop over for a taste.

About the SENCOR brand:
The Sencor brand first appeared in Japan in the wave of emerging brands such as Sony, Aiwa, and Sanyo following the revival of the economy in 1969. Since then, Sencor has significantly expanded its line of products and attempts to cover all of your household electronic needs. Today Sencor is managed from Europe, with production taking place in Asia with Japanese precision, attention to detail and perfectionism. Today's designer are world-class experts who bring modern and brightly coloured products and joy into our homes.

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