17/April 2018

A smooth face is still trendy, or A Smooth Shave with SENCOR SMS 501x

A smooth face is still trendy, or A Smooth Shave with SENCOR SMS 501x
A smooth shave does not mean bucking the current trends, it’s just a different style. Can you imagine Ronaldo the footballer with three-day stubble, for instance? Of course not. For a man’s face to feel pleasant to the touch and not scratch his lady’s delicate skin, he also needs a perfect shaver. Not to mention the fact that – even though a man has a moustache, there’s always plenty of places where bristles are not wanted.
The SENCOR SMS 501x men’s rotary shaver with three independently tilting heads could be the perfect choice. With 4D technology the heads precisely follow all the uneven parts of the face, as the heads tilt independently in four different directions, for maximum comfort when shaving and with no risk of irritating your skin. The heads can easily be replaced if necessary, although that won’t be for a while, as the special foil screens are extra-long-lasting. The shaver also includes a trimmer attachment, enabling you to precisely trim your beard, sideburns or moustache. The entire shaver body is water-resistant and can be conveniently rinsed under running water. The shaver’s other advantages include its ultra-quiet high-speed motor, light weight and excellent battery life – two hours of charging is sufficient for 40 minutes’ operation, meaning that if you use it for two minutes every day, you can go a month without charging it. The elegant and ergonomically-shaped body is available in four colours.

The shaver comes with a power cord, cleaning brush, shaving attachment, trimming attachment, shaving attachment cover and a practical travel case.

Specifications and properties:
Battery-/mains-powered rotary shaver
Li-Ion battery
LED battery indicator
Replaceable head with three tilting heads and 4D technology
Quiet and powerful motor
Extra-long-lasting foil screens
Trimming attachment
Charging time 2 hours
Operating time 40 minutes
Weight 150 g

SENCOR first appeared in Japan on the wave of newly emerging brands such as Sony, Aiwa and Sanyo, after the post-war economic revival in 1969. The brand has come a long way since then, has expanded its range of products and strives to cover the entire home electronics portfolio. SENCOR is now run from Europe and its products are manufactured in Asia and Europe, although still with Japanese precision, consistency and perfectionism. Today's designers are top professionals who supply our homes with modern products that are not just grey, black and white, as they are not afraid of colours and joy.

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