28/March 2018

SENCOR toothbrushes

SENCOR toothbrushes
People have been cleaning their teeth since time immemorial, as proven by finds dating back to 3500 years B.C. The first toothbrush made from pig bristles and bone appeared in around 700 B.C., although it was not yet known as a TOOTH brush. This term dates back to 1690, when it first used by the historian Anthony Wood. After that the name caught on. It was then just a short step to further advances. The first major mass production of toothbrushes started in England in 1780. The electric brushes we know today started to appear on the market in 1959.
The development of SENCOR brushes took several years and in the process representatives of the brand consulted many dentists and dental hygienists. “We opted for sonic brushes because we wanted to offer the general public a quality means of maintaining dental hygiene, which has become very important in recent years, and at an affordable price”, says Jan Rambousek, the brand product manager. And he adds: “Rotary brushes cannot clean the entire surface of the tooth properly, so we opted for sonic brushes, which are also better for the teeth”.

SENCOR currently offers 3 ranges of sonic toothbrushes, which differ in the number of brushes per minute, the number and features of the possible programs, but also in other aspects, too. The third, top range, features a UV sanitizer, which cleans the brush of bacteria, i.e. sterilises it. It does this in the brush’s travel case. The travel case and a spare head are included in every pack!

The SOC 110x brush is the first in the range, which can be set to up to 10 speed and hardness modes. The highest speed is up to 41 000 brushes per minute. Quadpeacer technology means that the brush can divide the cleaning process up into 4 blocks. It comes in a case, which is also suitable for travelling. In the basic pack you get 1 brush body with an ergonomically-moulded handle, 2 basic brush heads, a recharging station and a portable case. It is available in 3 colours.

The second brush in the range is the SOC 220x. This dental aid can be even faster, with up to 45 000 brushes per minute, while maintaining the same quality and still being kind to the teeth and gums. On the brush body you can set one of 5 programs to best suit your teeth and cleaning needs. Once again it comes in a travel case, which also serves as a recharging station. It is again available in 3 colours.

The third model to help you maintain great teeth and a smile is the SOC 3xxx, which offers 5 cleaning and regeneration programs, and can brush at a speed of up to 48 000 brushes per minute. To keep it clean and 100% hygienic it features a UV light, i.e. a sanitizer, which sterilises the brush in the recharging case. It is quiet, ergonomically shaped and available in 2 colour schemes.

SENCOR is also developing children’s toothbrushes and tooth showers. Both should be launched onto the market in 2018.

About the SENCOR brand:
SENCOR first appeared in Japan along with the wave of newly emerging brands such as Sony, Aiwa, Sanyo, after the economic revival in 1969. Since then it has greatly expanded its range and strives to cover the entire portfolio of electronic household aids. Nowadays SENCOR is managed from Europe and its products are manufactured in Asia, although still with Japanese precision, consistency and perfectionism. Today’s designers are top professionals who bring us modern products that are not just grey, black and white, but they are not afraid to add colours and joy.

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