26/April 2018

SRM 189x rice cooker

SRM 189x rice cooker
Rice is one of the most important crops in the world. After wheat and rye, it is the third most important crop on Earth, feeding up to half of its population. People have been living on rice, particularly in Asia, since the 5th century B.C., and the first records of rice date back to this time. However, its nutritional value and the fact it is so easy to digest has made rice a dish on dining tables all over the world.
About rice
Rice is an annual crop that needs very special conditions to grow. It was the ancient Thais and Chinese who came up with an ingenious method of cultivating it in wetlands and specially irrigated fields. Our geographic conditions are not ideal for rice – it needs a lot of moisture to grow.
Rice is suitable for treating illnesses of the digestive tract and for reduction diets. This is because it does not contain gluten or cholesterol! It does not cause bloating, is easy to digest, contains plenty of protein and amino acids and has a positive effect on high blood pressure. Rice promotes the excretion of water from the body and in some cases is also good for alleviating certain symptoms of skin disease - psoriasis.

Types of rice
Depending on the size and shape of the plant, rice is classed as round-grain, medium-grain or long-grain. In terms of landscape and cultivation methods, there are as many as eight thousand types of rice.
WHITE is probably the most frequently available type in shops here. It can be long-grain, round-grain and medium-grain.
PARABOILED is peeled, slightly yellowish rice, treated using special technology. This makes the grains hard on the surface and they are not sticky when cooked.
JASMIN rice has a subtle floral aroma and is sticky when boiled. This is why it is used in soufflés or served with different kinds of meat.
BAMATSI, or “royal rice” is the most popular type of rice in the world. It is reminiscent of peanuts in its unique aroma and taste.
NATURAL rice is brownish and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, fibre, minerals and vitamin B.
ARBORIO is popular with the Italians, who use it to make their delicious risotto. This rice is pear-shaped with round grains and is very sticky.
WILD (INDIAN) rice is not original rice, but is actually the seeds of North American aquatic grass. The long dark grains are rich in vitamin B and may be mixed with other types of rice for effect.

Preparing rice
Rice is very easy to prepare. It is usually boiled. However, it also common and popular for it to be steamed or fried. Rice should always be cooked al dente, so as not to unnecessarily increase its glycaemic index. However, people with intestinal problems are recommended to try boiled rice water.

Rice cookers are the ideal aid for cooking rice properly. Similar pots were used to cook rice by the Chinese back in ancient times. SENCOR now offers a new rice cooker available in two colours. The SRM 189 rice cooker with a volume of 1.8 l – i.e. a capacity of 1.5 kg of raw rice – is made from stainless steel. Technology that distributes the heat uniformly throughout the pot ensures that rice is cooked properly. The steam basket means the rice cooker can be used to prepare vegetables and other foods, in a healthy way – by steaming them. When the rice is cooked the pot keeps it warm for up to 6 hours.

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